Definitions for "Submitting"
submitting a web page address to a search engine in the hopes that it will index it. Submitting your pages using an automated tool (see "automated submitting"), submitting multiple pages of the same web site (see "deep submitting"), or submitting multiple times (see "resubmitting"), particularly if those pages are already indexed, are techniques typically frowned upon by search engines. It is suspected that some search engines apply a penalty factor to pages that were submitted versus those that the search engine spiders found on their own. Indeed, Inktomi was engaging in this practice before they discontinued accepting free submissions altogether. [ edit
When you register your site for a search engine or put your information into a form, you are submitting it. Usually this implies a form of verification or approval from the party you are submitting to.
Process of requesting that a search engine add your web site to its database.
Applications for coverage submitted to the insurance company but not yet acted upon.