Definitions for "Intruder"
Person or software interested in breaking computer security to access, modify, or damage data. Also see Cracker.
a person who attempts to gain unauthorized access to a system, to damage that system, or to disturb data on that system
An entity that gains or attempts to gain access to a system or system resources without having authorization to do so.
One who intrudes; one who thrusts himself in, or enters without right, or without leave or welcome; a trespasser.
A person who enters a private residence or place of business with the intention to perform a criminal act; as, killed by an intruder.
An image from the Faces at Bates archive, added to body copy, with link to additional text about the person, etc.
the intruder represents a principal who tries to find flaws in, and thus attack, a protocol. He may also participate in the protocol (dishonest principal), and his possibilities are described in the intruder's knowledge and intruder parts of the HLPSL description of the protocol.
An adversary who is conducting or has conducted an intrusion or attack against a victim host, site, network or organization.
A term used to describe someone who hacks into a computer network.