Definitions for "hacker"
Someone so computer literate they are able to 'hack' into computers (i.e. access and/or manipulate data held in them) usually employing a cunning ability to bypass or override password protection and other security strategies. Hackers often work at a distance physically from their target computers by abusing the facilities of the internet.
A computer user addicted to long-distance computing with data communications software, sometimes illegally tapping into government or industry computer systems.
Computer users who enjoy tinkering with computers as a way to develop new features or who intentionally access a single computer, system or a network without permission to do so. They can be there simply to look around or they can be there to destroy. (Eth, Gr. 8)
Also know as a duffer, a hacker is an amateurish golfer.
(aka: "chop", "chopper", "duffer, "hack") see second definition above for "hack".
A very poor golfer. This type of golfer spends more time "hackin' " up the course than playing golf.
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Uncle Leroy after 32 years of smoking
Uncle Leroy after thirty years of smoking.
An individual intent on entering an environment without permission normally by using iterative techniques and devices to intercept private communications.
Those intent upon entering an environment to which they are not entitled entry for whatever purpose [entertainment, profit, theft, prank, etc.]. Usually iterative techniques escalating to more advanced methodologies and use of devices to intercept the communications property of another.
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hacktivist HAGO
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Heuristic Hoax
an honorary title in my book, which is why I react so strongly when the term is used to describe the lazy lowlife scammers with half a brain cell between them
The Hackers (Swedish Hackare) were a race of short people who used to live in Scandinavia, according to Swedish folklore.
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Maker of hoes
a pioneer, traversing packet-switched networks, bridges, outdials and trunks all over the physical world
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A cutting instrument for making notches; esp., one used for notching pine trees in collecting turpentine; a hack.
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a heavy smoker
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an artist in a foreign world, an ethereal one made of bits and bytes, opcodes and CPU cycles
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Peasant player, or poor player.
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See "Matrix Cowboy," below.
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Cough Drops are the Remedy
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an explorer, they may bypass protection, but all we want is knowledge, we do nothing to damage or delete
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a cheat not some thing you can use in game
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one who works hard at boring tasks
One who uses game modification techniques to alter parameters of online play. These efforts are used to create what is known as a “hack”.
Individuals who enter sites and gather information which is not legally available to them.
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One who, or that which, hacks.