Definitions for "Caddy"
Keywords:  catty, malayan, tea, jar, lidded
A small box, can, or chest to keep tea in, also called tea caddy.
a tin or jar, used for holding tea; it takes its name from the Chinese or Malayan word catty , describing the weigh of one pound of tea; in the past, tea caddies were equipped with a lock and key
the name given to a tin or jar of tea, which takes its name from the Chinese or Malayan word 'catty' – term used to describe the weight of one pound of tea. In the past tea caddies were equipped with a lock and key.
A person who carries clubs for a golfer, gives a golfer advice with club selection and course strategy.
(aka: "caddie") someone who carries a players bag of clubs and/or advises a player with the details of the course i.e. yardage, breaks, hazards, recommended clubs/shots to play.
act as a caddie and carry clubs for a player
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a container to hold objects when not in use.
a container to hold a compact disk, used in some types of compact disk devices, which is inserted into the CD player during playing, or in the case of recordable CD-ROMS, during recording. It is approximately square and thin, slightly larger than the compact disk. However, many CD players have a drawer for the compact disk, requiring no caddy.
The case that holds your CD inside the drive mechanism. All drives do not require a caddy, and those that do usually come with one CD caddy.
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a la-z-boy on wheels
a universal PDA holder that securely cradles your Treo allowing it to be fastened neatly under the clip of your golf cart steering wheel
A non-playing person designated to move boards between tables during a tournament.
a tournament director's assistant, typically responsible for distributing to and picking up from the tables in play.
an assistant at a bridge tournament, selected by the local tournament committee, often an interested elementary or high-school student
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Capacitance sensing
Piece on treadmills that allows for storage of water bottles, phones, keys, or magazines. Usually attached to the console.
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A small, usually gray box of match books, with 50 match books to a caddy for the 20-stick and 30-stick match books, and 25 match books to a caddy for the 40-stick variety. Usually, 50 caddies of 20-sticks make up a case of 2,500 match books.
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a person who can tell you what a great shot you made