Definitions for "Tray"
A pressed tin tray designed to hold cake or pie. Common in pails from the Depression era.
On the Taskbar the area at the right which holds the clock and icons for other background applications.
a multicavity part formed from plastic
A shallow box, generally without a top, often used within a chest, trunk, box, etc., as a removable receptacle for small or light articles.
A device that may be used to carry cheques.
an open receptacle for holding or displaying or serving articles or food
A small trough or wooden vessel, sometimes scooped out of a block of wood, for various domestic uses, as in making bread, chopping meat, etc.
pallets which have the stringers (bearers) layed on the side, eg the larger bearer dimension lies horizontal and the short bearer dimensioin supports the deckboards.
a structural system used to support or securely fasten cables or raceways
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A flat, broad vessel on which dishes, glasses, etc., are carried; a waiter; a salver.
flat, perforated "shelves" at prescribed levels in a distillation tower, which allow specific vaporized crude oil components to pass through and then condense on their surfaces (after contacting domes called "bubble caps" above the perforations) before being drawn off for further distillation.
A container used in postal facilities to hold letters and First-Class Mail flats. It is used as a basic unit of mail quantity for purposes of preparing mail to qualify for discounted postage rates. Also see full flat tray, full letter tray, less-than-full tray, and overflow tray.
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To betray; to deceive.
one who follows the three principal [Vedas] ([Åg, Säma] and [Yajur]), which explain fruitive activities.
a good surface for the gingerbread house so you can parade it around for your guests
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(See Hopper
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The shower recess area is above the level of the bathroom floor.
a place to collect photos from different locations so that you can work with the photos at the same time. The tray is located below the task bar and above the photos in the viewing area.
The steel enclosure for the assembled battery cells.
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final packaging disc carrier
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a special type of folder that can contain other folders