Definitions for "Handles"
Flattened half-rings case on some bronze weapons. Placed over the center of gravity to facilitie lifiting. On early, heavily decorated weapons, the handles were often cast to resemble dolphins, and were known by this name.
Names that the wrestlers usualy use themselves. Usualy not the names that they use in the ring.
Names that the wrestlers usually use themselves. Usually not the names that they use in the ring.
squares which appear on an active graph, box or other drawing object which allow resizing using the mouse.
Handles on drills include the pistol grip, the t (motor's weight is balanced over the hand), the center position or d (hand is in line with the motor), and the spade (a d turned 90 degrees, and often adjustable). Many drills have an auxiliary handle for extra balance and control.
Small squares that appear around the periphery of a selected object.
Extra footage that can be added to logged clips when you recapture footage.
Material outside the IN and OUT points of a clip in a sequence. The Avid system creates handles when you decompose or consolidate material. The Decompose and Consolidate features can create new master clips that are shorter versions of the original master clip. The handles are used for dissolves and trims with the new, shorter master clips.
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Bars at the back of a two-man sled that the brakeman pushes on to get it started on the descent.
Handles are used for the start push and during the race. They must be covered with soft material.
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Most pressure washers come with at least one handle either chrome or painted. Some models come with front and some with rear handles for convenience in moving and loading into the back of a truck, as well as to give added protection to the vital components.
NEVER pick up an old pitcher by its handle. They have been known to come off in the process.
Handles, Handle Manufacturers, Door Handles, Cabinet & Plastic Handles
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used instead of a control bar to fly the kite. In 4 line kites, a pair of bent handles with one power line connected to the top and one brake line connected to the bottom of each. A "link line" or harness line runs between the two handles to allow a harness to take the load of the kite. Generally considered unsuitable for inflatable kites.
Additional material before the in-point and after the out-point of a shot, that is loaded into an edit system to allow cut points to be extended if required.
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Clay's ears. Reference