Definitions for "Ears"
Sometimes called "wings" they are little additions necessary to make a wide peghead out of narrow wood.
These are little additions necessary to make a wide peghead out of narrow wood. - Category: Equipment and Gear
Projecting pieces of wood on the sides of cabinets, which allow the cabinet to be trimmed to completely fill a space. Alternately, the metal ear-like tabs on electrical boxes, which keep the box from falling through the wall opening. Also called plaster ears.
The little white spaces on either side of the newspaper's name on the front page. Some newspapers put weather or lottery information in them. (An expression sometimes heard in newsrooms, "Go stick it in your ear," has nothing to do with this.)
Space at the top of the front page on each side of the newspaper's nameplate. Usually boxed in with weather news, index to pages or an announcement of special features.
a common place for hair removal in older males. Only hair on the outer ear should be treated, and never inside the ear canal due to risk of infection.
All About Ears Ear Management Chronic Ear Infections-The final Cure
Sharks are very sensitive to low frequency sounds and have good directional hearing. The endolymphatic pores on the top of a shark's head are the only external evidence of its ears. Inside the endolymphatic pores are the endolymphatic ducts which lead to the macula neglecta and a series of semicircular canals with which sharks hear.
The auditory organ, consisting of three regions: inner ear, middle ear, and the most important pinna (or leather), which is supported by cartilage and which affects the expression of all breeds.
Wavy symmetrical projections formed in the course of deep drawing or spinning as a result of directional properties or anisotropy in sheet. Ears occur in groups of 4 or 8 with the peaks of the projections located at 45 degrees and/or at 0 and 90 degrees to the rolling direction. Degree of earing is the difference between average height at the peaks and average height at the valleys, divided by average height at the valleys, multiplied by 100 and expressed in percent.
Pastries made so as to resemble small ears (Montagne under roussette). See also 'lettuces'.
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If the ears dreamed were very large, you will get help from an unexpected source; if they were very small you will discover false friend.
To dream of seeing ears, an evil and designing person is keeping watch over your conversation to work you harm.
In birds, the ears are the rounded areas on the bird's face, also called facial discs. They are not homologous to human ears. In certain cases, the ears can be of different size and in different places on the bird's head, such as in owls. This allows for exact placement of sounds and also helps to focus sounds by funneling them into the ears.
Rounded, earlike areas on the face. Synonym: facial discs.
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Sulfur 2 TBL
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locking devices on the sides of the plastic/ nylon housings. These are designed to hold the housing in place by "locking" the housing in place after insertion thru a custom cut hole in metal/plastic plate. Nickname for the extra locking device on panel mount connectors.
Parts soldered, bumped, or riveted to the side of a can to which a carrying bail is inserted.
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pplied: Ears applied to the doll's head after the head was molded, i.e. ears are molded separately, then attached. Molded: Sculpted into the original mold. Painted: Ears indicated by the way the doll is painted.
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Small, fast moving rabbit like creatures. Also referred to as fluff-tails.
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Easy Access to Radio Surveys - Replaced Remit in 1997 providing ROI Radio reach & Frequency data.
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See Tee.
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Embedded Audit Report Systems
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The upper corners of page 1.
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skin symptoms
Extended Action and Registration System
Electronic Access to Reference Services