Definitions for "Tails"
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A pleated and shaped piece of fabric installed on the outside edge of a curtain - usually coupled with swags to form an overall window dressing
A social event serving cocktail beverages, or a shortened name for the drinks themselves. Usually a somewhat more intimate and quiet gathering than raging frat parties.
Hanging trail of fabric, either shaped and stiffened or falling fluidly from the end of swags. tape A strip of fabric used in the construction of curtains. Decorator tape is used in making some headings, while hook-and-loop tape is used to attach a cornice or valance to a valance shelf. Twill tape, or web, is sometimes used to reinforce a handmade heading. tape-gathered heading A curtain heading framed by a narrow, threaded tape sewn on at the top of a curtain. When the parallel threads are pulled up, a gathered effect is created.
Same as feints
The last fraction of the second distillation, following the Middle Cut, and which is not kept for whisky.
The "tail end" of the distillation, this portion is low in alcohol. Also known as feints.
Common term for the residual waste from mining and milling, also frequently applied to depleted uranium from enrichment.
Depleted uranium (cf. enriched uranium), with about 0.3% U-235.
Fish portion which resembles the tail of a fish, boneless, usually breaded or batter-dipped, raw or precooked. Weights vary from 3-1/2 to 6 oz. Sometimes the entire tail, bone-in, is breaded and frozen for sale as a "tail". The term is also applied to shrimp and spiny lobster with reference to their meaty tail sections.
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a formal tuxedo coat that's short in front and has two long tails in the back.
This is an abbreviation for the tail coat worn for formal evening weddings.
Undesirable painting result where heavy bands of paint have been applied instead of an even coat.
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The reverse side of a coin - opposite to the 'heads' (obverse) side of the coin. Derived from the kangaroo design used on Australian penny and halfpenny coins after 1937 and popularised in the game of two-up normally played with 2 pennies.
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Tails is an album by Lisa Loeb, released in 1995 by Geffen Records.
The material that is discharged over the end of a sieve.
On the end of a sound multicore you have lots of connectors of varying types. This are refereed to as "tails".
See Also: Bare-ends
The thick protrusions of a dovetail joint. See Dovetail joint.
See full dress.
formalwear consisting of full evening dress for men