Definitions for "Hem"
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The edge or border of a garment or cloth, doubled over and sewed, to strengthen it and prevent raveling.
Border; edge; margin.
A border made on sheet-metal ware by doubling over the edge of the sheet, to stiffen it and remove the sharp edge.
An onomatopoetic word used as an expression of hesitation, doubt, etc. It is often a sort of voluntary half cough, loud or subdued, and would perhaps be better expressed by hm.
An utterance or sound of the voice, hem or hm, often indicative of hesitation or doubt, sometimes used to call attention.
To make the sound expressed by the word hem; hence, to hesitate in speaking.
Hem is an indie folk-rock band, fusing together a mix of traditional American music with newer style. They consider themselves to be a "countrypolitan" band. Band members include Sally Ellyson (vocals), Dan Messé (piano, accordion, glockenspiel), Gary Maurer (guitar, mandolin), Steve Curtis (guitar, mandolin, banjo, back-up vocals), George Rush (bass guitar), Mark Brotter (drums), Bob Hoffnar (pedal steel guitar), and Heather Zimmerman (violin).
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igh energy milk
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HE Microwave
Helicopter ElectroMagnetic, This designation is most commonly used for helicopter-borne, frequency-domain electromagnetic systems. At present, the transmitter and receivers are normally mounted in a bird carried on a sling line beneath the helicopter.
Homogeneous Equilibrium Model
Human Exposure Modeling
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In knitting, hems can be made in several ways.
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very roughly, here you are, there you are
Hematology, Hematologist