Definitions for "Stitching"
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a method of fastening folded sheets together, generally with wire staples (also called saddle-stitching)
to fasten or join with or as if with stitches
A binding method in which the pages of a book are pread open at the center then hung on a "saddle" to be stitched or stapled through the fold line at the seam.
Combining a series of images to form a larger image or a panoramic photo. Requires special graphic software.
The process of combining multiple photographs into a single panoramic or mosaic.
The process of putting data samples together into an aggregate data set. For example, several photographs might be stitched together to make a larger photograph or to construct a panoramic view.
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Work done by sewing, esp. when a continuous line of stitches is shown on the surface; stitches, collectively.
Lifejacket webbing is stitched together and should be checked for wear as part of routine maintenance.
may go with the above, as if one had button-hole stitched around the edges of the falls or all of the petals. "Stitches" may be so close together as to look like a thin or thick solid rim around the petals.
According to Federal Spec 751a entitled "Stitches, Seams & Stitchings", a stitching consists of a series of stitches used to decorative stitch or hem a single ply of fabric. (Download English .PDF Version of Stitch Types.)
Visibly 16 stitches per 1 inch, this strengthens the shirt, and also ensures the seams remain sharp and tight. Studs A set of solid buttons with a shank or eye on the back inserted through a buttonhole; used on dress shirts and formal shirts. Stretch Tops A stretch Cotton/Lycra jersey knit. A rounded slash neck with Â3/4 length sleeves. The hem is straight with side vents.
This refers to piercing the leather from side to side, so that the stitch is visible on both sides of the leather (See Stabbed Seam). In post-Medieval shoemaking, “The Stitching” (Modern terms include: Outseam) specifically refers to the seam attaching the outer sole to the welt. Stitching may be done with either a straight or curved awl, while stabbing specifically uses a straight awl. In a medieval double soled shoe, the welt is stabbed and the outer sole is sewn in what I am referring to as a blind split seam.
The grouping of multiple references to a person (multiple personas) into a single persona—like saying that John and Johnny are the same person, or that the Jesse Littrell in a particular marriage record is the same as the Jesse in the census record.
a term used to describe the process of blending or integrating a series of images into one seemless final image.
A printing defect evidenced by a line in the direction of printing caused by a crooked or non-aligned jet or printhead. Characterized by a gap or darker line due to overlapped rows of dots. Most obvious in images.
printing term used to describe overprinting the same image using a different nozzle set, usually to cover faulty nozzles or increase resolution.
Inconsistent azimuth reports on the same target from scan-to-scan. Also caused by two radars reporting the same target at different positions. Looks like a cross-"stitching" pattern.
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use of surgical sutures on the penis or labia.
A step by step article on creating simulated stitching effect on fabric. more......
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joining or attaching by stitches
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The act of one who stitches.