Definitions for "Quilted"
Maple sometimes has a figure that looks like puckered cloth. This "quilted" figure sometimes occurs in mahogany.
Describes beautiful undulating pattern found in wood, generally refers to Maple and can also be referred to as "maple quilting" or maple quilted".
A very uneven or wavy interlocking contour of the growth rings is evident on the outside of the log as a more or less even but very “bumpy” surface. Rotary or halfround cutting along this surface produces veneer with a quilted effect of continuous seashell overlay surface. It is interesting to note that a very similar condition or appearance is known as quilt in Maple (quilted Maple) Pommele´ in African redwoods (example) and Peanut Figure in Japanese Ash (Tamo).
a stitching style that runs through a garment's shell and lining to keep insulation from shifting. Quilting is lighter and less expensive than it's more complex cousin, baffle construction.
Two or more layers of fabric which have been stitched through, often with batting . The stitching forms a pattern, most commonly a square or diamond shape. Used for apparel, bedspreads, sleeping bags. Thermoplastic fibers such as polyester or nylon are sometimes quilted without thread by using a heat bonding method . The heat effectively melts or welds the fabric at the point of application.
Padding technique enclosing a layer of wadding between two pieces of fabric, held in place by sewing a diamond pattern over fabrics. examples