Definitions for "Interlining"
Correction or alteration by writing between the lines; interlineation.
Any One Of A Wide Variety Of Fabrics Used Between The Inner And Outer Layers Of A Garment To Improve Shape Retention, Strength, Warmth Or Bulk. Interlining May Be Of Woven, Knitted, Or Non-woven Material And May Be Produced With Or Without A Fusible Adhesive Coating.
A soft layer of cloth placed between the face fabric and lining to provide insulation and also improve the way the curtain or drapery hangs.
The use of one standard type of airline ticket that is recognized and honoured by all scheduled airlines.
Carriage of passengers and/or freight by one airline on behalf of another airline, based on a formal arrangement (an interline agreement) between the airlines which involves the coordination of baggage checks, carriage or air cargo, for example, and the honouring of tickets between airlines. The identity of each carrier is maintained.
Scheduling that requires a bus to change routes at a trip's end. For example, on MSBA, the N50 (Hicksville to Bellmore) goes out on N46 (Bellmore to Hempstead), returns to Bellmore on N46 and then goes to Hicksville on N50.
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