Definitions for "Couching"
A method of embroidery used to sew down thick cord to create a design. General sewing term.
Technique, particularly used to apply metal threads, in which a thread is laid over fabric and attached to it by the process of oversewing.
Sewing a decorative cord, thread, or yarn to the surface of the Fabric by zigzagging over the cord with machine or overcasting by hand.
Keywords:  felt, pelon, cooching, dunked, wet
The method used by hand-papermakers for transferring wet pulp from a deckle and mold to a pelon for continued drying.
Refers to the dehydration of paper by means of pressing, whereby the fibers combine to form the paper structure. This process forms the basis of an old printer's ritual, in which colleagues who have just completed their apprenticeship are welcomed to the profession in a humorous ceremony: the candidates are dunked in a vat filled with water or deposited on an enormous, wet sponge.
The process of transferring partly dried sheets of paper from cloth mold to a felt blanket for further drying.
The operation of putting down or displacing the opaque lens in cataract.
Embroidering by laying the materials upon the surface of the foundation, instead of drawing them through.