Definitions for "Gimp"
Smart; spruce; trim; nice.
A narrow ornamental fabric of silk, woolen, or cotton, often with a metallic wire, or sometimes a coarse cord, running through it; -- used as trimming for dresses, furniture, etc.
Woven braid used to ornament curtains, bed, and chairs. It can be very complex in design.
Class or classes combination that is weak in some way and is hard to play effectively.
A character who doesnt live up to his full potensial, often using low level equipment or focusing on poor skill combinations
See 'Nerf.' - An underpowered and ineffective character, due to poor stat and/or skill assignment.
Graphic Image Manipulation Package - the standard GNU bitmap paint package
Free software used for manipulating images. Website.
Photoshop like program
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Gimp were a small punk band from Keasbey, New Jersey. They were fronted by Tomas Kalnoky, who later went on to write, sing and play guitar for famed third-wave ska bands Catch 22 and Streetlight Manifesto. They released one cassette in 1995, entitled Smiles for Macavity, likely named after the cat, a subject of a poem.
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BDSM term for a sex slave dressed in leather.
Gimp is a usually derogatory term used to refer to a (male or female) sexual submissive person, typically dressed in black leather (or rubber), often in a gimp suit, and wearing a bondage hood or mask of the same material. This apparel emphasises sexuality by drawing attention to the crotch and chest, and also sexually objectifies the wearer. Sadomasochistic practice often features in the notion of the gimp, with a partnership between gimp and dominatrix or dominant.
Refers to buttonhole Gimp, which is used in eyelet buttonhole machines to give the buttonhole greater strength and a more defined appearance. T-180 Anecot® Gimp is available for this application.
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To notch; to indent; to jag.
a de-personailised and immobilised human turned into a mere object to be used in whatever way the owner desires
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gihm-p A person or object showing gimpy qualities Example: Space Boy. :D
disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet
Keywords:  pet, role, submissive, nature, type
A type of submissive role in SM. A gimp may seem pet-like in nature.