Definitions for "TYPE"
A figure or representation of something to come; a token; a sign; a symbol; -- correlative to antitype.
To represent by a type, model, or symbol beforehand; to prefigure.
A particular property used to assert that a thing is in a certain Class. The relationship between a thing and any Class it is in.
The specimen used in the original description as the basis of naming a new species or subspecies. More properly referred to as the holotype.
In the rank-based codes, the specimen, specimens, or subordinate taxon to which a taxon name is permanently attached; the type provides the standard of reference that determines the application of a name.
a designated representative (standard) for a plant name. cf. holotype, isotype, lectotype, neotype, paratype, syntype. Back to Glossary Index
The original object, or class of objects, scene, face, or conception, which becomes the subject of a copy; esp., the design on the face of a medal or a coin.
Meant to apply to a given element's value in order to provide additional context for its interpretation. Type narrows the semantics of a field, that is, it modifies the element by attributing to it a subelement type.
The defining properties of a Digital Signature Certificate, which limit its intended purpose to a class of applications uniquely, associated with that type.
The beginning and end of a user-defined structure which is used to create record variables for random access file operations. Type definitions must be placed in a Visual Basic *.BAS module.
A type is a declared classifier that the value of an attribute, parameter, or variable must hold. The actual value must be an instance of that type or one of its descendants.
an integrity constraint, allowing a user to define a range of values that should be in an attribute of a tuple
A horse that fulfills a specific function, rather than a breed. Example: Hunter Type
A distinctive "look" that distinguishes one breed from another. A "typy" cat will be distinguishable by its silhouette.
The characteristic qualities distinguishing a breed
The Dublin Core element used to designate the nature or genre of the content of the resource. Type includes terms describing general categories, functions, genres, or aggregation levels for content. Recommended best practice is to select a value from a controlled vocabulary See also section 4 of the Dublin Core Users Guide
a category for a listing
a category into which typically more than one example will fall
A type characterizes both a set of values, and a set of operations applicable to those values. A type definition is a language construct that defines a type. A particular type is either an Access_type, an Array_type Private_type Record_type Scalar_type, or a Task_type.`. U & V
A type characterizes both a set of values, and a set of operations applicable to those values. A type definition is a language construct that defines a type. A particular type is either an access type, an array type, a private type, a record type, a scalar type, or a task type.
a discrete set of values
a name used to denote a particular interface
The property of a signal that denotes its data values (e.g., binary, enumerated).
Denotes the conformation. The shape or size of a particular part. The general physical makeup of the rabbit.
That which possesses or exemplifies characteristic qualities; the representative.
A general form or structure common to a number of individuals; hence, the ideal representation of a species, genus, or other group, combining the essential characteristics; an animal or plant possessing or exemplifying the essential characteristics of a species, genus, or other group. Also, a group or division of animals having a certain typical or characteristic structure of body maintained within the group.
A combination of the characteristics which make an animal useful for specific purpose (beef type, dairy type).
The type of option. The classification of an option contract as either a call or put.
A classification assigned to a Cal based on its shape ( octagonal or round), denomination (1/4-dollar, 1/2-dollar or 1-dollar), and Period it belongs (1, 2 or 3). Example: There are twelve different type s of Cal s for Period s 1 & 2.
(v.) To enter a character from the keyboard. (n.) A classification of an object based on its characteristics, behavior, and attributes.
The mark or impression of something; stamp; impressed sign; emblem.
Form or character impressed; style; semblance.
A raised letter, figure, accent, or other character, cast in metal or cut in wood, used in printing.
A simple compound, used as a model or pattern to which other compounds are conveniently regarded as being related, and from which they may be actually or theoretically derived.
Super VHS: These models have laser quality picture. This is a high-end feature and S-VHS models are generally top-of-the-line. These systems have the Hi-Fi stereo feature. Will operate nearly every brand of television and cable box in addition to the VCR. Good feature because it means that you will only lose (and have to find) one remote.
a model of OptionalPointee if it points to (or refers to) a value that may not exist
A series of coins of similar design and denomination where only the date changes from year to year.
a major change in the design on a coin, such as the Type of '38 and Type of '40 steps on the Jefferson nickel reverse
A coin with a particular combination of obverse and reverse designs and descriptions. ignoring minor variations, mintmarks and dates. Uncirculated Literally, this means that a particular coin has not been in circulation, but normally it describes the grade of a coin, a coin which is in mint condition. Please note this does not mean perfect, as most coins have scuffs and minor scratches, knocks and imperfections through the mass production methods used to produce them.
According to Five-Phase thinking, there are five primary configurations that express the innate qualities and tendencies (body and mind) of human individuals. Each of these types—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water—can be further differentiated into an exaggerated or collapsed subtype.
1. a set of objects, usually with common structure, behavior, or purpose. (Note that the expression " is of type " naturally implies that " is of type " if is a subtype of .) 2. (immediately following the name of a type subtype of that type. The type vector is an array type.
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an anticipation of Christ
A historical event that has a deeper meaning, pointing to our salvation in Christ. For example, the three days that Jonah spent in the belly of the fish is a type of the three days that Christ would spend in the tomb (Matt. 12:40). The serpent that Moses lifted up on the staff is a type of the lifting up of Christ on the Cross (John 3:14-16). The burning bush, aflame but not consumed, is a type of the Virgin Mary, who carried the incarnate God in her womb but was not consumed by His presence (Luke 1:2638). Noah's ark, which saved Noah and his family from death in the flood, is a type of baptism, which brings the believer from death to life (1 Pet. 3:18-22). See also ALLEGORY.
a pallid, unsmiling individual who "plays the game" of dominance and submission and is vulnerable to sadomasochistic interactions
Jung's term for the natural tendency of a person's "psychological" disposition, as determined by the way he or she deals with "psychic" en­ergy (as either an "extravert" or an "introvert") and by the person's dominant function (i.e., either "thinking", "feeling", "sensation" or "intuition"). A person's type is especially noticeable by observing how he or she copes with new or stressful situations. Subsequent theorists have shown how Jung's theory defines 16 distinct types.
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Type is a band name used by Brazilian-Portuguese DJ and musician Cyz (a.k.a. Cynthia Zamorano). Cyz was one half of a duo called Precyz.
A type is an arbitrary atom used to identify the interpretation of property data. Types are completely uninterpreted by the server. They are solely for the benefit of clients. X predefines type atoms for many frequently used types, and clients also can define new types.
an arbitrary atom used to identify the inter- pretation of property data
a narrow piece of information about your data
The letters of the alphabet when used in publications. A set of type in one style is referred to as a typeface. A complete family of typefaces in one style, including bold or italic versions, is called a font.
Traditionally, type was the pieces of metal with raised faces that were inked and used for printing. Nowadays the word is more commonly used to describe any TEXT, FONT or TYPEFACE, for example BOLD type.
catch-all word used in reference to fonts / typefaces [ typography books
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a collection of domain values
a contract since it is guaranteed to hold a specific range of values
a way to classify values by their properties and behavior
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The body style of the vehicle - it can be a convertible, coupe, sedan, wagon, hatchback, pickup, minivan or SUV.
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The description of the data and the operations that can be performed on or by the data.
(field name) general location description
In Project Builder, a description of a file type, such as a form, a document, etc., containing such information as type name and description. Types are the foundation for defining actions and macros.
a distinctive formal artifact class defined by the consistent clustering of attributes and restricted in space and time, e.g. the "Folsom Point" is a projectile point "type".
an artifact intended for a specific use, having become a carrier of meaning through familiarity
Pestilent bits of metal suspected of destroying civilization and enlightenment, despite their obvious agency in this incomparable dictionary.
Originally metal type, now a typeface design or some typeset text.
The type of a world is an indication of its main industry. For example, a jumpship base builds jumpships, a metal mine mines metals. You may set the type of the worlds you own with the World/Designate command.
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the ideal head and body shape of a cat as laid down in the standard of points.
The physical conformation of an animal.
Conformation, the general form, structure.
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A Dylan object that categorizes objects. See page 49.
A categorisation
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OTC or Rx
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a young, pugnacious warrior
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From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10) as in RDF (rdf:type)
The Detail Inventory Table hierarchal field listing the actual item inventoried.
A field-identifiable grouping of tree species.
Descriptors state that a module is Standard unless it is a Dissertation, Project, Independent Study, Placement or Field Week.
(1) The field of an NBP entity name that is used to identify the type of service that the entity provides. Entities of the same type can find potential partners by looking up addresses of other entities that are registered with NBP based on the type portion of the name See also: shape type
a resource not its associated network entity
a structure which carries values associated with a real-world entity
(Rev or G.O) The interest and principal payments for a municipal bond are typically either guaranteed by the issuer or by the revenue from a specific project. If they are guaranteed by a specific project, the bondholder is relying on revenue from the project to pay principal and interest, and the bonds are known as revenue bonds. If the issuer guarantees the repayment of principal and interest, the bonds are known as a general obligation (often referred to as G.O.) of the issuer.
The capability of a firefighting resource in comparison to another type. Type 1 usually means a greater capability due to power, size, or capacity.
Refers to resource capability. A Type 1 resource provides a greater overall capability due to power, size, capacity, etc., than would be found in a Type 2 resource. Resource typing provides managers with additional information in selecting the best resource for the task.
The overal shape / appearance resulting from inbreeding.
displays the pathname of the following command or indicates whether it is built-in or an alias.
To furnish an expression or copy of; to represent; to typify.
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a runtime concept and is more general
a simple blood test
Type usually refers to the type of moving average used in technical analysis calculations. Type can be Simple, Smoothed, Centered, or Exponential.
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a single one implants of the lumen that fills during the operation with a fixed volume of saline through a valve
A group of wares that share the same surface treatment.
a way of grouping together like items based on their fundamental security sameness
When referring to plants, a plant community, which is: a group of plants found growing together.
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uncovered call uncovered option
a close match for patients with malfunctioning bone marrow
As used with respect to the certification of air~ craft, means those aircraft which are similar in design. Examples include: 7271 DC-9, 747. V-Z
This refers to the type of credit agreement made with a creditor; for example, a revolving account or installment loan.
Four Types free introduction brochure by mail
a figure, and is also a picture, designed to bring out certain important matters and details as Divinely appointed
an advance picture
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a limitation in a hunt area
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A word often used for domains in OO literature is 'type'
an actual historical reality that points beyond itself to a greater and more powerful reality
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a list of a keyword and optional arguments
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a genetic marker of the immune system
a C structure that contains several tables of pointers to C functions
a restriction on the structure of software
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see Break Open Ticket Type. Back
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identify as belonging to a certain type; "Such people can practically be typed"
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A role for optionally specify a term's (user-defined) type. (See: term module)
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What is Type? The Importance of Type
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a regulated power supply
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Displays the contents of a text file.
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a sign of the real
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the image type
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a network of
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Describes either a put or call.
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See Type of Record (Type).
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see " File type"