Definitions for "Getter"
Keywords:  sintered, alloy, barium, inert, purity
a device (usually a metal alloy component) used to maintain very high vacuum or to ensure high purity of gas used in industrial and scientific applications
a porous sintered metallic alloy used to absorb non-inert gases
a surface made from some particularly reactive metal like barium
Catches ions inside a light bulb. This improves the light quality.
a substance put inside lamps which acts to remove impurities and keep the lamp burning brighter, longer
The getter is important in maintaining a high vacuum level inside the VFD after the exhausting process. Above the getter will be a black spot (Boron material) on the VFD glass substrate indicating the display is properly sealed. If the vacuum is lost, the black spot will turn white indicating the seal is lost. This will render the display and will eliminate operation.
Keywords:  const, var, return, pointer, class
a function defined in global scope or in class scope that will "return" a pointer to the required interface
a special function that returns the value of a property declared with the var or const keyword
A function that is applied to an object and returns the value of one of the object's slots.
One who gets, gains, obtains, acquires, begets, or procreates.
a method that gets the value of a specific property
a method that typically retrieves a specific field of an object, and is so known, since by convention they are named "getFieldName"