Definitions for "Pointer"
A marker that moves across the screen when you move the mouse across your desk in mouse-based applications. Also known as a cursor.
A graphical image displayed on the screen that indicates the location of a pointing device (also referred to as a cursor).
A small arrow representing your mouse position located on your Desktop.
a technique for implementing aggregation and linked data structures where an attribute of one object stores the physical address of the other object. Compare key and see navigable. [
An FLI type consisting of an address and a type specification. A pointer normally points to the memory location of an instance of the type specified, although there might not actually be an allocated instance of the type at the pointer location.
a part of the SONET overhead that locates a floating payload structure; STS pointers locate the SPE; VT pointers locate floating mode VTs; all SONET frames use STS pointers; only floating mode VTs use
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One of a breed of dogs trained to stop at scent of game, and with the nose point it out to sportsmen.
Breed of hunting dogs that point game, typically having a smooth, short-haired coat that is usually white with black or brownish spots.
a strong slender smooth-haired dog of Spanish origin having a white coat with brown or black patches; scents out and points game
Pointer is the official journal of the Singapore Armed Forces. It is issued quarterly, and read primarily by SAF officers, warrant officers, and civilian employees of the Ministry of Defense. It is also distributed to various international military and defense-related organizations.
The hand of a timepiece.
a lousy substitute for a hand
found on some hand compasses, turns with azimuth ring to align with compass needle.
a boxed foreign object because it contains type information about the type it is pointing to (so that we can dereference it)
an invitation to see directly the distinction between an object and Reality
an object that refers to another object
a common data type in computer programming
an index entry in the directory of a disk (or other storage medium) that identifies the space on the disc in which an electronic document or piece of electronic data resides, thereby preventing that space from being overwritten by other data
a way of saying "I do not have any data, but I know where you can find it
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The two stars (Merak and Dubhe) in the Great Bear, the line between which points nearly in the direction of the north star.
a Good Thing , but don't mistreat it, or it will become a Very Bad Thing
a simple type of reference
a type, which is not just restricted to pointing to things, but which it is possible to do arithmetics on
an offset counted forward from the beginning of the metakit file or serialization
a real timesaver in a Windows environment
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A link to related resources inserted into a Web page. | français
a link from one part of the hierarchy to another part
Same as link.
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A light, sharp-ended rowboat used on river drives.
A common synonym for what Ada calls an access value.
Synonym for reference (not exactly, but for this course, they can be considered synonyms)
The difference in height of a series of fire damaged vertical wood members ranging from higher being farthest away from a source of heating to the shorter being closer.
1. n. A data element that indicates the location of another data element. 2. n. An identifier that indicates the location of an item of data. 3. n. An online indicator that a user can manipulate with a pointing device to identify the target of an action.
The highlighted area in a spreadsheet display that indicates the current cell.
a mark to indicate a direction or relation
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When you look through the eyepiece lens, you may see a pointer. By turning the eyepiece, you can rotate the pointer around.
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Diagonal braces sometimes fixed across the hold.
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Term used to describe polished stones under a carat.
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a data structure whose value set includes at least one null value and some values that are not null
a numeric value small enough to be managed by registers
A pointer or pointing stick is a solid rod used to point manually, in the form of a stick, but always finished off or artificially produced.
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Red dot or pointer which is inserted into the projection image via remote control thus attracting the attention of the audience
highlights key presentation points on slides or in documents
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a bundle of information that has two parts
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a connection between two discrete records
a helpful suggestion, and to "shape up" is to get in good physical shape, often by exercising
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One who, or that which, points.