Definitions for "Bongo"
Either of two large antelopes (Boöcercus eurycercus of West Africa, and Boöcercus isaaci of East Africa) of a reddish or chestnut-brown color with narrow white stripes on the body. Their flesh is especially esteemed as food.
large forest antelope of central Africa having a reddish-brown coat with white stripes and spiral horns
a forest antelope of Africa having white stripes
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one of a pair of attached small drums, each tuned to a different pitch, played by striking with the hands.
Two connected single-headed small drums that are played with the hands while held between the knees. The bongo was developed in Eastern Cuba from African predecessors.
A pair of small Afro-Cuban drums, conical or cylindrical shaped, which are permanently attached to one another. One of the drums is larger than the other and tuned at a lower pitch than its partner. Bongos are held between the knees and are played by striking the head of the drums with the finger tips, flatted finger, butt of the hand, or palms.
Great Skua ( Stercorarius skua). From the northern folk name 'bonxie', but that is far too quaint and rustic for a modern, hip, trendy urban birder, hence the mildly derogatory corruption to 'bongo'.
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First person to hole out.