Definitions for "bison "
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The American bison buffalo (Bison Americanus), a large, gregarious bovine quadruped with shaggy mane and short black horns, which formerly roamed in herds over most of the temperate portion of North America, but by 1900 was restricted to very limited districts in the region of the Rocky Mountains, and was almost hunted to extinction.
The National Bison Association encourages the name bison to differentiate the American buffalo from the Asian Water buffalo and African Cape buffalo. The American buffalo is not a true buffalo. Its scientific name is Bison and it belongs to the bovine family along with domestic cattle.
(noun) A large mammal of North America with brown fur, a thick full mane, small curved horns and hooves. Common name is buffalo.
Bison is a parser generator in the style of yacc. It should be upwardly compatible with input files designed for yacc.
the Free Software Foundation's version of yacc
Called "hunchbacked cows" by Coronado when he saw them in Texas; taste is similar to beef, but slightly sweet.
The Bison antiquus is a late-comer to Florida, relatively speaking, having been here only about a half million years. Since it has been here a comparatively short time, its fossil remains are not as common as some other animals. Sometimes a cow jaw and a bison jaw are nearly indistinguishable. A good way to tell them apart is that the lower edge of the bison jaw is relatively straight, and the cow jaw is more curved.
The University of Manitoba Libraries' online catalogue. It contains records for books and other materials in the library collections. The catalogue can be searched in many ways: for example, by author, title and subject terms. See also Library catalogue.
Bison is the name of a mildly tragic supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. He's encountered Thunderstrike, Luke Cage, and the Thunderbolts.
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The aurochs or European bison.
a wonderful provider and its family never has to worry about life's essentials or being able to afford the obligatory annual holidays
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a thing that an english gentleman washes his face in"
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