Definitions for "Yak"
Keywords:  bovine, tibet, cow, mammal, asia
A bovine mammal (Po√ęphagus grunnies) native of the high plains of Central Asia. Its neck, the outer side of its legs, and its flanks, are covered with long, flowing, fine hair. Its tail is long and bushy, often white, and is valued as an ornament and for other purposes in India and China. There are several domesticated varieties, some of which lack the mane and the long hair on the flanks. Called also chauri gua, grunting cow, grunting ox, sarlac, sarlik, and sarluc.
Large hairy bovine mammal found in high altitude areas of eastern-europe !!...(er....)
large long-haired wild ox of Tibet often domesticated
animals used to help carry loads in high altitude regions. On an Everest expedition, each yak carries 140 pound of supplies.
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