Definitions for "sheep"
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Any one of several species of ruminants of the genus Ovis, native of the higher mountains of both hemispheres, but most numerous in Asia.
An animal of the genus Ovis that is over 1 year of age.
woolly usually horned ruminant mammal related to the goat
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A sheep represents good luck, it can sometimes be talking about someone who is easily influenced and it may symbolise a journey to New Zealand or a person from New Zealand. A black sheep is of an experience that will be beneficial to you.
Name given to a subject in a psi test who believes in psi; see also Goat, Sheep-Goat Effect.
A subject in an experiment who believes in the ability for which he or she is being tested.
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Sheep is a 2D platform jump-n-run game. It uses OpenGL for rendering, thus getting high framerates. I's written in C, and uses python for scripts. It's basically all free, but perhaps part two of the game will be commercial.
Sheep is a puzzle game developed by Mind's Eye Productions and published by Empire Interactive for the PC and Play Station in 2000. The Mac version was ported by Similis and published by Feral Interactive.
Sheep is a horror novel by British author Simon Maginn. It was originally published by Severn House in 1995, reissued in paperback by White Wolf in 1997, and is now out of print.
a timid defenseless simpleton who is readily preyed upon
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Fig.: The people of God, as being under the government and protection of Christ, the great Shepherd.
a creature often used to typify Christ
a lower and lesser intelligent life form and the coin is an inanimate object, neither is capable of comprehending the rejoicing, which occurs on their behalf, nor are they fully cognizant of their value
sheep is an open source rigid body dynamics engine written in modern, strictly portable C++. It features collisions between hierarchies of convex polyhedra , resting contacts handling and an extensible set of joints.
SHEEP is one of the earliest symbolic computation systems. It is specialized for computations with tensors, and was designed for the needs of researchers working with general relativity and other theories involving extensive tensor calculus computations.
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This crystal shows you how to be part of the flock, but maintain the ability to move beyond the flock when they are out of harmony with the Creator. (Grey Chlorite like substance inside crystal.)
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A weak, bashful, silly fellow.
a docile and vulnerable person who would rather follow than make an independent decision; "his students followed him like sheep"
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A classification of cheese made from eweâ€(tm)s milk.
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a dog is a chicken is a woman
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a Worm's best friend
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an individual