Definitions for "RabbIT "
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Any of the smaller species of the genus Lepus, especially the common European species (Lepus cuniculus), which is often kept as a pet, and has been introduced into many countries. It is remarkably prolific, and has become a pest in some parts of Australia and New Zealand.
A member of the Leporidae family like the hare. It is different from the hare in that its young are born blind and with no fur. They are helpless for 8-10 days after birth.
along with human, are the few species which show birth defects with thalidomide (teratogenic effects) which were not detected with prior testing on other species. Rat
A touring professional that is not a regular member of the tour and who, therefore, must play in a qualifying round to "win a spot" in order to enter a tour event.
A professional who tours that must qualify to compete for an opportunity to play in tournaments. An amateur golfer with little achievement.
An amateur golfer with little success. A touring professional who has no tournament exemptions and must compete in qualifying rounds for chances to play in tournements.
an animal, so answer (b) is the correct answer
an animal that shapeshifting witches such as Isobel Gowdie claimed to be able to transmogrify themselves into
a social, intelligent animal
Keywords:  cute, mammal, creature, adorable, furry
a living creature with a central nervous system much like our own
an adorable, cute, furry white creature
a small, cute mammal with big ears
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a speed horse running as part of an entry and expected to set a fast pace for his entry mate.
A horse which is entered in a race to insure a fast pace.
a horse that is considered to have little chance of winning a race but is entered purely to ensure a fast pace, softening up the competition for the benefit of the entry mate.
Rabbit was a British location-specific (Telepoint) telephone service backed by Hutchison, who later went on to create the Orange GSM mobile network. The Rabbit network was the best-known of four such services introduced in the 1980's, the others being Phonepoint, Mercury Callpoint and Zonephone. Although Hutchison had been issued a licence for Rabbit in 1989 it took until May 1992 before the service was launched.
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a pacesetter
A derail. An arrangement for preventing serious wrecks by sidetracking runaway trains, cars, or locomotives on a downgrade. Unlike regular sidetracks, the derail ends relatively abruptly on flat trackless land instead of curving back onto the main line. The term rabbit is applied to this device because of the timidity involved.
a player (almost invariably a bowler, but sometimes a wicket-keeper) who is a very poor batsman
colloquial term for a very poor batsman, usually selected for a team solely on bowling ability. cf. ferret.
Stream cipher algorithm.
Rabbit is a high-speed stream cipher first presentedM. Boesgaard, M. Vesterager, T.
In the fictional world of the book series and cartoons Winnie-the-Pooh, Rabbit is a responsible rabbit who happens to be a good friend of Winnie-the-Pooh. He is always practical and keeps his friends on their toes, although they sometimes cause his unintended aggravation.
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a lean critter
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a herbivore with
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Rabbit was an Australian hard rock band active during the 70's and 80's. The band was led by the original AC/DC lead vocalist, Dave Evans. In 1976, they recorded the album, "Too Much Rock 'n' Roll".
a piece of software that orders a computer to perform useless tasks endlessly, multiplying ever more work orders until they finally overwhelm the computer and it can cope with nothing else
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This crystal allows you to learn that you are a valuable piece of the whole. You are not replaceable in the eyes of the Creator. The work you do is unique and yours alone. This crystal can have any of the other totem attributes. (Blue quartz)Raven: This crystal teaches you to become one with the Creator. To put aside all thoughts of separation, and see that there can be no separation. The Creator would not be whole without your valuable part of the puzzle. (Crystal growing completely through another crystal. In one side, out the other.)
a collection of true stories based on the author's life, stories of fun, adventure, and craziness
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A small plug that is run through a flow line by pressure to clean the line or test for obstructions. See PIG and SCRAPER.
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hunt rabbits
A program is designed to exhaust some resource of a system (CPU time, disk space, spool space, etc.) by replicating itself without limit. It differs from a "bacterium" (see above) in that a rabbit is specifically designed to exhaust resources. It differs from a "virus" (see below) in that it is a complete program in itself; it does not "infect" other programs.
A symbol of fertility, usually seen in the Queen of Pentacles card.
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RabbIt is a mutating, caching Web proxy used to speed up surfing over slow links like modems. It does this by removing advertising and background images and scaling down images to low quality JPEGs. RabbIT is written in Java and should be able to run on any platform. It does depend upon an image converter if image scaleing is on.
RABBIT trials alternative methods of providing high speed Internet access to small businesses in rural and remote areas. Its aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of the available solutions. Methods looked at include satellite and wireless technology.
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Rabbit has a fine textured white meat. They are served fried, grilled or roasted.
The target in a surveillance operation
new player.
A player who is an exceptionally good retriever.
A weak player.
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A humorous (slightly insulting) term for a non-master.
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a senior if it is over six months old
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a long-term commitment
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work, job