Definitions for "CARNIVORES"
Keywords:  prey, herbivores, flesh, meat, feed
Macroorganisms that feed on other animals. Includes ant, beetle, centipede, enchytraed, fly, mite, mole, scorpion, slug, snail, spider, springtail.
Animals that eat only meat.
Organisms that mainly prey upon animals.
The Carnivores games were a series of first-person shooting video games released by Action Forms: Carnivores, which was released in 1998, Carnivores 2, released in 1999, and Carnivores: Ice Age, released in 2001, all for the PC. In addition, Carnivores Cityscape was released in 2002, but it was developed by a different company and is considered by many fans to be little more than an attempt to share the limelight with its predecessors.
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Fighter pilots.