Definitions for "Predation"
Keywords:  prey, hunts, kill, feeding, consumption
Predation is a common problem among birds. Birds are commonly preyed upon by larger birds of prey, foxes, cats, wolves, and more.
Occurs when any organism kills an other organism for food (e.g., a red fox kills a hen or eats some duck eggs)
An interaction in which one organism kills and consumes another.
The act of pillaging.
Act of plundering or robbing.
act of plundering or maraudering
In international trade contexts, an aggressive pricing strategy in which a foreign producer prices below cost to drive domestic firms out of business, leaving the foreign firm with effective market power. Predation may involve pricing below marginal cost, possibly supported by government subsidies. Proponents of antidumping duties often justify such measures on grounds of preventing predation by foreign firms; critics maintain that a predatory pricing strategy is implausible in global industries that include many producers.
The use of aggresive (low) pricing to put a competitor out of business, with the intent, once they are gone, of raising prices to gain monopoly profits.