Definitions for "Commensal"
An animal, not truly parasitic, which lives in, with, or on, another, partaking usually of the same food. Both species may be benefited by the association.
An organism that benefits from its association with another organism, but neither benefits nor harms the host.
Living on or within another organism and deriving benefit from it without injuring or benefiting it.
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One who eats at the same table.
Commensal is applied to pests that eat the same food as another. The term is often applied specifically to rodent pests of the landscape, that eat human food. House mice and rats are the chief commensal rodents. In an integrated pest management system (IPM), commensal pests will be discouraged from arriving by making sure food is kept in well-sealed containers. One of the principles of IPM is that it is preferable to take preventive measures against the arrival of commensal rodents and other pests, rather than having to fumigate commensal pests or otherwise exterminate them later
Pertaining to populations of house mice that depend on human-built habitats and/or food production for survival.
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Having the character of a commensal.