Definitions for "Symbiotic"
Pertaining to, or characterized by, or living in, a state of symbiosis.
Subject: The Earth Literally "living together". Symbiosis is the living together in intimate association of two dissimilar organisms. Reef-forming corals are a good example of symbiosis in which dinoflagellate algae (called zooxanthellae) reside within the tissues of the host animal (a colonial anthozoan).[ Pics List
Mutually beneficial. eg: A relationship where a small fish eats the parasites of a larger fish. (see Cleaning Station)
Symbiotic is the first album by The Impressionables. It was released on September 9, 2006 by the band's own label. It was partly a collection of songs written by the band in the years running up to it being recorded and partly written from scratch.