Definitions for "competition"
Because each plant only forms a finite number of nodules, the ability of indigenous rhizobia to form nodules will limit the number produced by inoculant strains. This can limit nitrogen fixation, and in the American Midwest can mean that the plant derives less than 50% of its nitrogen from symbiosis. While this is generally seen as a competition between inoculant and indigenous rhizobia, various factors play a role. These include the great numerical superiority of the indigenous rhizobia in the bulk soil, and the limited mobility of the inoculant rhizobia. It is also assumed that indigenous rhizobia are also better adapted to soil conditions.
The struggle among adjacent trees for resources such as sunlight, nutrients, water and growing space. Competition occurs both in the roots and crowns of trees in the same stand.
A term borrowed from Biology and used in Human Ecology to denote the interaction which occurs when individuals of a single species or individuals of more than one species attempt to acquire and use the same resources – such as space.
An environment of marketplace rivalry. Goods or services are offered and consumed...
The act of seeking, or endeavoring to gain, what another is endeavoring to gain at the same time; common strife for the same objects; strife for superiority; emulous contest; rivalry, as for approbation, for a prize, or as where two or more persons are engaged in the same business and each seeking patronage; -- followed by for before the object sought, and with before the person or thing competed with.
a contest among business entities with a view to gaining advantages over other business entities due to their own achievements that results in the situation where consumers, business entities have an opportunity to choose from among several sellers, buyers, whereas an individual business entity is not able to set conditions for circulation of goods on the market See also: economic competition ;
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The process by which more than one valid source of supply for goods, services, or construction is solicited through the submission of offers which are to be evaluated in a comparative way for the purpose of selection of the source or sources most advantageous to the needs of the County.
An acquisition strategy where more than one supplier is solicited to bid on performing a service or function. [D04024] CSM Either A condition where a large number of producers or service providers vie for customer s, or An attempt by two or more persons or organization s to gain more than the other through method s of their own. Editor's Note: Competition is sometimes used in soliciting proposal s where selection is made on the basis of excellence or suitability, as with architectural assignment [D02494] PMDT
The process by which two or more vendors vie to secure the business of a purchaser by offering the most favorable terms as to price, quality, and service.
A way of doing business that allows more than one supplier to sell electricity to customers at market prices.
a business relation in which two parties compete to gain customers; "business competition can be fiendish at times"
The vying among businesses in a particular market or industry to best satisfy consumer demands and earn profits.
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Competition: again stems from physical body identification for why would the Eternal Self compete against the Eternal Self who share the same identity? Would your left arm compete against your right leg! This is how absurd competition is between people, as God would see it. Why would God compete against God to realize God? Nothing else exists but God. The negative ego is a fictitious identity that does not really even exist. As the Master Jesus said, “The greatest among you is the servant of all!” In God's Eyes he who wins at the expense of another loses and he who loses from the negative ego's perspective wins. One only reaches Heaven by helping another up the Spiritual ladder ahead of oneself
a prestigious, publicity-charged program that provides companies with year-round opportunities to increase the distinction of their MDEA-winning products
a winning combination of energizing citrus, spices and aromatic herbs for guys who go the distance
The effort of two or more individuals or organizations to get the business of others by offering the best deal. Consumers compete with other consumers for goods and services. Producers compete with other producers for sales to consumers.
a testament to our commitment to connecting the children of China with conservation issues thatwhich affect them in their everyday lives,' said Liu Yunhua, Education Programme Director of WWF China
Conferences Conservation Farming Consumer Awareness Consumerism
a refreshing masculine fragrance infused with
a sharp oriental woody fragrance
an initiative by South African Tourism to encourage product innovation amongst SMME's and expedite the transformation of the tourism industry
The battle between individual firms to provide the best value for money to their customers. Competition encourages the most efficient firms to flourish. To maximise economic efficiency, national regulators attempt to create conditions in which competition is as fair as possible. Hence the anti-trust type of laws that exist in many countries across the world.
the act of competing as for profit or a prize; "the teams were in fierce contention for first place"
aggregate of individual bouts or team matches required to determine a winner
Figure skaters wishing to compete nationally qualify through regional and sectional championships, usually as members of a local figure skating club. Team selection to compete internationally is based on the results of annual national championships.
a venue in which the dancers receive the opportunity to perform all of their group numbers, solos, duos and trios at the same event
A principle in valuation, stating that opportunities for profitable investment lead to competition.
assumes that the counter plan by itself is somehow better than the affirmitive by itself or the permutation.
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a good way to draw more people to the events
More than one seller or buyer in the marketplace. Competition influences the price at which goods and services can be sold. For example, banks compete against each other and sellers of shoes compete against each other.
The process of allowing potential suppliers of goods and services to tender for the award of a contract, based on their submitted performance and cost structures.
Activity of two or more entities taken in consideration of each other to achieve differing objectives. The commercial analogue of military combat.
what develops when two or more producers are providing a similar product or service. When there is no competition there is a monopoly.
The active demand for real estate by two or more market participants.
In this system rates are controlled by competition between companies instead of by governmental controls. Insurance companies may raise or lower rates without the approval of the state-regulating agency. Usually, the state-regulating agency will reserve the right to disallow rates only if it finds them to be unreasonable or discriminatory.
a great way to promote your products or services
A company or service that meets the same need and sells to the same market. May be direct competition (services with the same characteristics) or indirect competition(different characteristics).
The set of alternative firms that could provide a product or service to satisfy a specific market's needs.
A market in which rival sellers are trying to gain extra business at one another's expense and thus are forced both to be as efficient as possible and to hold their prices down as much as possible. Competition is thus a sophisticated yet uncoordinated mechanism that sorts out the actions of millions of buyers and sellers and uses the resulting pattern of supply and demand to determine what shall be produced, in what quantities, and at what price.
Level of activity between buyers to secure supply at a physical market (prime and store). (See 'buyer' and 'competition').
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a LOT more distracting
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a sub-group of an etopps tournament
a valid mechanism to establish the best projects to fund
Competition is a component of a counterplan. It is the part of the counterplan that shows how the counterplan is the best and only alternative to the plan. Competition has two parts mutual exclusivity and net benefits.
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a way for everyone to take the stage and feel like a superstar
an evolution of such events, but rules have been implemented to promote the sport, while at the same time maintaining as much of the original no-holds-barred concept as possible
refers to the conduct of sporting events.
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This term hasn't been defined yet
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See adversarial approach
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a blow to it's longevity
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an odd aesthetic for an art show
an act in which one negotiator pursues the satisfaction on his/her own interests at the expense of the other parties.
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an idea that has sparked some interest among members of the forum
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a very valuable experience
Intermediate Treatments Shelter wood System
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The amount of competing web sites that exist for a given keyword.
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Organisms have a wide variety of s...
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to position