Definitions for "marketplace"
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The commercial activity whereby good and services are exchanged; as, without competition there would be no market.
The mechanism by which one finds a person to whom to sell or from whom to buy goods; the opportunity to buy and sell; a market{3}; as, to put one's goods on the market.
A neutral exchange for business-to-business goods and services. InterBox is a marketplace that enables members to exchange containers and vessel slot capacity.
An electronic trading facility to bring together buyer(s) and seller(s) for the purpose of providing commercial information and conducting transactions. The marketplaces may be public (many known buyer(s)/seller(s) with some level of information visibility) or private. Marketplaces can be created by buyer(s), seller(s) or third parties, which may or may not be neutral.
An online web site that supports multiple buyers and sellers. Examples include Pantellos,Trade Ranger and ChemConnect
An online web site that supports multiple buyers and sellers. Examples include Covisint and SupplyON. Also known as a trade exchange.
a pay-for-performance service, which assists you in promoting your products to shoppers who are searching or browsing various websites
a website where commerce is performed, or a service is rendered
The set of potential customers who will use a product. In the case of free software, those customers will probably not pay anything for the product.
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a survival of the kindest
a single neutral environment where providers of colocation space, bandwidth and other managed services come together with customers of these services to complete a transaction through a process facilitated by a market maker
a very small environment, and instead, this very experienced marketer ended up cannibalizing its own customer volume
a web community that enables DBA customers and third party service providers to meet and compare requirements and offerings
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an area in a town where a public market is set up; a market place; a market{2}.
an area in a town where a public mercantile establishment is set up
A classified ad style posting board where all individuals of the RenewableNYS community may post listings that highlight a one-time opportunity, resource, need, offer etc. Postings may not include ongoing services. Postings expire after the period of one month. All postings are subject to approval by the site administrator.
a dynamic system that keeps changing
a very complex entity, like a stock market, with its unpredictable dynamics, bubbles and crashes
a new exhibit concept designed to help make your search for business solutions more efficient as you research, compare and learn at annual session
Where you'll be doing business.
Marketplace is a radio program that focuses on business, the economy, and events that influence them. The show is produced and distributed by American Public Media, the broadcast arm of Minnesota Public Radio, in association with the University of Southern California.
The defined area where a media company operates. The term also refer to coverage (percentage of a population potentially exposed to an advertising message.) Out of home media is also sold as niche markets (portions of larger metropolitan areas.)
a subscription-only list of current openings in GIS
a process loosely based on an Open Space approach to dialogue
The area(s) of the country where Brown would normally expect to recruit for a particular type of position. A marketplace can be local, regional or national.
an open community without certification requirements or other barriers to participation
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a pay-per-click performance-based marketing network
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A term often used to describe B2B exchange.