Definitions for "Highlight "
To emphasize or call attention to, by moving into the foreground or otherwise making more prominent.
To make (part of a text or image) more prominent, especially by making it of a lighter hue or of a different color than the remaining part.
The part of an image that has the most intense light.
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To make something visually distinct, typically when it's selected. This is generally done by reversing black and white or changing colors to provide a sharp contrast.
When an icon is shaded differently indicating it is selected. See also Select.
The act of selecting a block of text with a mouse. After highlighting text a user can then "copy" and "paste" into a new document.
The most memorable or enjoyable part; -- of events or activities; as, the highlight of our trip was the tour of the Vatican.
the most interesting or memorable part; "the highlight of the tour was our visit to the Vatican"
a caving trip in the mountains of Tha Kaek and excursions further afield to Central Vietnam
To make conspicuous on a computer screen by changing the color of an area, especially characters and their immediate background. Often the colors are the reverse of the non-highlighted area.
A hair coloring process that lightens strands of hair, rather than lightening all of the hair. Two or three complementary colors can be used as long as they are lighter than the original hair color.
an area of lightness in a picture
a duet with Kathy Lee on Luisa
a version of Bix Beiderbecke 's "In a Mist" that is taken as an emotional duet by Barker and bassist Alec Dankworth
move into the foreground to make more visible or prominent; "The introduction highlighted the speaker's distinguished career in linguistics"
an extensive interview with Eric Schlosser, the author of Fast Food Nation , who adds new and more refined details about the fast food epidemic in America today
an interview with T
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a concert by local singer Daniel O'Donnell and the choice of Mary from the international entrants
a drawing done at Arles for one of van Gogh's best known works, Fishing Boats on the Beach at Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer
a fish fry tasting
an elegantly dressed Mrs
a wounded Steed's delirious fantasy in which a mustachioed Mrs
a bravado scene where Benning tells of the time she set upon a bully and made him into the abused
an uproarious scene of lovemaking in a Fiat with co-worker Mieta Albertini
a scene with some fast, smooth swing music and dance
a group of gelatin silver prints from Carrie Mae Weems's "Slave Coast" series recording the now-desolate slave forts and dungeons on the West African coast from which millions of chained Africans were shipped across the Atlantic
a stop on the Montenegrin coast at Kotor, a World Heritage site located on the Kotor Fjord
Highlight is a universal converter from source code to HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX, LaTeX, and XML. HTML output is formatted by Cascading Style Sheets. It supports more than 100 programming languages, and includes 40 highlighting color themes. It's possible to easily enhance the parsing database. The converter includes some features to provide a consistent layout of the input code.
a cute 'Bug' theme featured on everything from bodysuits, singlets, jumpers and pants, making it easier for parents to keep their babies coordinated
a piece featuring Eric Clapton playing a guitar solo with Ravi Shankar's musicians behind him
a visit to the bustling Greenmarket square flea market
a visit to the royal tombs of Vergina containing weapons, a gold coffin, jewellery and furnishings of ancient kings
a visit to Torino's new, interactive National Cinema Museum
a replica of the small statue of the Immaculate Conception of San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico
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a rare Electric Apple designed by Magic Alex for the short-lived Apple Electronics Company, rare Apple products including watches, a mirror and trinket box
a rare Meissen group of lovers with Harlequin, modelled by the well known J
a day spent in the depths of Granite Gorge at the bottom of Grand Canyon, viewing the turbulence of a white water rapids on the Colorado River and enjoying a picnic lunch on a canyon-bottom beach
a one hour Wildernes River Cruise on the Daintree river
a restored Santa Fe steam engine and caboose
a Russian Orthodox Church, fresh from a recent restoration
a variety of fresh pastas and succulent risotto dishes made right on the premises
an almost sprightly version of that classic Eitzel downer "Take Courage"
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a session with a Feng Shui Master, who will explain how the elements of wind, water and earth all have a bearing on happiness and well-being
selling into the rally while the guy on TV explains the complex reasons why the stock is special
a performance of 'Blood on the Southern Cross', a reenactment of Australia's only civil uprising, the Eureka Rebellion
an eloquent accompanied cadenza that spills over into a peaceful coda
an early sparring match between Toshio Kurosawa and some of the stunt extras who play his students
a performance by Lincoln impersonator Michael Krebs
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a sultry romp through 'Sweet Child O'Mine
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a walk through the indoor forest where you will encounter a host of creatures and plant life
a walk up Lion's Head before dark on a full moon summer's night, watch the sun set on one hand and the full moon rise on the other, and then walk down in the silvery light
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Highlight is a smart tool, which is developed since beginning of 2002. The software itself is OSI certified and under GPL. It is available for linux, freebsd, windows and soon also for mac.
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a stop at Steeple
a mass montage of explosions and gun fire, edited to fit with the films pulsating score
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an online quiz
an underwater treadmill, which increases strength and endurance and provides wellness-conditioning to manage obesity
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a previously unheard "Driving Rain" outtake called "India"
a series of superb miniatures in original illustrated manuscripts
a specialty produce store that attracts shoppers from all over Berkeley
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an old brick oven housed in a separate cookhouse
a complete breakfast served in the garden terrace in front
a seductive dream sequence which is among the most beautiful examples of the type ever done
an excellent "Plays on Line," which uses an alphabetical guide to playwrights from across the world
A point of intense brightness, such as the reflection in an eye.
Bright spot on the surface of a model caused by a light.
The portion of an object that, from the observer's position, receives the greatest amount of direct light.
a case competition sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Co
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a guest speaker from M
an interactive, hi-tech section on climate change and its impact on BC, the first permanent display on climate change in the province
highlight is a less-like console application for syntax highlighting which allows you to browse quickly through up to 12 different source code files in different programming languages and exports to HTML for documentation.
The outwards bulge in the side panels to break up the flatness.
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a role play by the workers showing the working condition in the factory
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Window at high level.
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to activate a cell or group of cells.