Definitions for "Breakfast"
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The first meal in the day, or that which is eaten at the first meal.
A meal after fasting, or food in general.
To break one's fast in the morning; too eat the first meal in the day.
A total score of 26 points in one round (3 darts)
Hitting 26 while aiming for the triple twenties. Originated from England where bed and breakfast was two and six pence
A score of 26, made up of a single-5, single-20, single-1 in a game of x01. This is a common score in darts because players aiming for the 20 segment (which contains the highest scoring area on the board) will often accidentally hit the 1 and the 5 segments, which are located on either side of the 20. The term comes from the typical price of a bed-and-breakfast in times gone by: 2 shillings and sixpence, or "two and six". (See also "CHIPS")
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To furnish with breakfast.
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Dip & Sauce Salad
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provide breakfast for