Definitions for "Salad"
A preparation of vegetables, as lettuce, celery, water cress, onions, etc., usually dressed with salt, vinegar, oil, and spice, and eaten for giving a relish to other food; as, lettuce salad; tomato salad, etc.
A dish composed of chopped meat or fish, esp. chicken or lobster, mixed with lettuce or other vegetables, and seasoned with oil, vinegar, mustard, and other condiments; as, chicken salad; lobster salad.
food mixtures either arranged on a plate or tossed and served with a moist dressing; usually consisting of or including greens
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Salad was a UK-based pop group that included vocalist/keyboardist Marijne van der Vlugt, bassist Pete Brown, drummer Rob Wakeman, and guitarist Paul Kennedy. In 1996, Charley Stone (ex Gay Dad) joined the band as a live guitarist, keyboard player and backing vocalist). Thanks to van der Vlugt's amiable, joyous stage presence (along with her notoriety as a video jockey for MTV Europe), Salad gained a reputation as an energetic power pop band comparable to other bouncy outfits like Sleeper and Elastica.
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