Definitions for "Celebration"
(as used in e-learning): Ceremonies and observances intended to recognize work with online learning and build morale around it. This type of recognition is especially important to online learning, because the learning is often anonymous. A celebration may be as simple as a supervisor telling an employee that he or she is aware of the worker's participation in a course or presenting a ribbon or plaque to acknowledge achievement, or a celebration may be as elaborate as a party.
A Seeker Friendly service where everything is relevant and the music is joyous.
any joyous diversion
a birthday party for which we put candles on the cake, forgetting imperfections, glossing over errors, and raising our glasses in unadulterated praise
a feast of colour - a chance to mark the garden's hundredth birthday with a reminder of the glories that make this one of Britain's best loved gardens
an action to praise, extol, commemorate, glorify, or honor
a spectacular coffee-table pictorial excursion through the most exquisite weddings in the world
"Celebration" is a song released in 1980 by Kool & the Gang from their album Celebrate!. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on February 7, 1981 and held that position until February 20, 1981. The song dominated the radio for nearly the entire year, and is still heard today at weddings and parties.
Celebration is a compilation album by Simple Minds, released in 1982.
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a biographical
Shaking up a bottle of cheap champagne or beer, shoving it into the snapper, and let it spray all over like you just won the grand championship. - Lock Haven White Trash
a trqaveling exhibition featuring the life and works of Diana, Princess of Wales
a weekend devoted to living the Christian life as modeled in the First Century
Celebration is a Holiday Class cruise ship for Carnival Cruise Lines. She is one of the oldest ships in Carnival's fleet, and is only surpassed by sister ships Holiday and Jubilee (now Pacific Sun).
a joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event
a perfect occasion to visit the Shire," she agreed
The consecration and administration of the Holy Communion.
a long story telling of the past years of encounters,how many had been slashed,many had been stab, how many fingers were doing the walking, how many heads rolled down the stream
A gathering of AmeriCorps members to kick off the program year.  It involves training and orientation.
a didn't begin publishing lots of fertilizer
a collection of hand-picked cartoons on a certain subject
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a beautiful book
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a way to take time to evaluate the meaning that the event holds
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The act, process, or time of celebrating.