Definitions for "Championship"
(noun): a contest held to determine a winner of first prize or first place in a competition
a four-day event where spectators are able to witness sensational golf with a field of great names such as Greg Norman, John Daly, Stuart Appleby, Adam Scott and Aaron Badderly
a high level competition to decide who is the best at something
a perfect fit for either of them to win
The championship class at a North American show is open to whole adult cats that are purebred and registered and meet the standard for their breed. Altered cats compete in the premiership class.
These are stakes where dogs compete for the titles of “champion” or “runner-up champion.” In cover trials there are some 12 open and two amateur championships. All require that a dog have some type of qualifying win.
a good indication of what this Kelowna veteran professional is still capable of doing when the opportunities come along
In professional wrestling kayfabe, a championship or title is a recognition of a wrestler being the best in his or her promotion, or for lesser championships (such as the WWE Cruiserweight Championship), his or her division.
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State of being champion; leadership; supremacy.
a long one, the Bruins had reason to celebrate this weekend
a seven-day celebration
CHANGE: something significant has happened; is not used with MERGER, BEGIN, FIRST, or FINISH. CHARITY: non-governmental giving.
a goal we have at the beginning of the season," said Spiron
a bit of a surprise considering that the top-ranked Blue Devils have failed to mount any sort of a dramatic run in four of the past five years
a failed campaign
a low scoring Game
a monumental achievement to a school with such a long tradition in Gaelic games
a formal internal appearance for Coke , which means he won't be available for photographs autograph signings
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a tribute to a club pro
Keywords:  funny, thing
a funny thing, really
Keywords:  unbeatable, bonus, china, beat, hard
a bonus although China is very hard to beat but they were not unbeatable
a major undertaking would be a major understatement
a major world title
the act of providing approval and support; "his vigorous backing of the conservatives got him in trouble with progressives"
Keywords:  seldom, alone, traveled, path, he
a path that he's seldom traveled alone
Keywords:  makeup, tall, team, due, order
a tall order due to the team's makeup
Keywords:  easier, lot
a lot easier said than done
Keywords:  story, different
a different story
Keywords:  status, held, title, years, two
the status of being a champion; "he held the title for two years"
Keywords:  way, long, off
a long way off
Keywords:  record
a state record