Definitions for "Leadership"
The quality of character and personality giving a person the ability to gain the confidence of and lead others; as, Washington's leadership was indispensible to success of the American Revolution.
The people who serve as leaders of a group; as, the party leadership was in disarray after the election.
An essential part of a quality improvement effort. Organization leaders must establish a vision, communicate that vision to those in the organization and provide the tools and knowledge necessary to accomplish the vision.
The person most responsible for carrying out the mission of the organization. His/her name, title, and compensation appear as they do on the most recent 990 available to the public.
the status of a leader; "they challenged his leadership of the union"
Leadership (October 1, 2002, ISBN 0-7868-6841-4) is a book written by Rudolph W. Giuliani about his time as Mayor of New York City and how he cleaned up New York City, reduced crime, and revitalized the economy of the city. Most of the book was written before September 11, though he did include a section about his experiences that day and how he dealt with the emergency that day and the cleanup afterwards.
The presiding elected officers of each house: the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House. (See also Legislative Leadership) They are elected by all the members of each chamber when the body organizes for a legislative session following a general election. On occasion, "leadership" also refers to the majority and minority leaders, who are elected by their respective caucuses.
Members of the General Assembly who are elected by their fellow party members of their chamber to provide advice to rank and file members and regulate the flow of legislation.
The President, Majority Leader, and Minority Leader of the Senate, and their assistants, and the Speaker, Majority Leader, Minority Leader of the House, and their assistants.
not synonymous with "management". Things are managed, people are led. Leadership, therefore, pertains to the leading of people. Leadership cannot be usurped or demanded. It is imparted, never taken. Leadership is effected by the art of leading - i.e. knowing which way to go, and communicating this effectively. A leader has a definite sense of direction. A leader knows when the mark is in jeopardy of being missed. And: a leader gains credibility - and usually greatness - by becoming his or her constituent's servant.
a doctrine of political liberty
Leadership is the art of mobilizing other to endeavor for shared aspirations. Leaders perform political, spiritual and intellectual functions as-well-as managerial and group-maintenance tasks. It's doing the right things.
the ability to lead; "he believed that leadership can be taught"
Allows the possessor-increased ability to speak in a manner that convinces others to follow his/her cause. All those reaching top rank in any order, guild or organization should have the leadership skill.
In maritime use, the ability to keep persons on board ship without resorting to measures which substantially violate applicable state and federal statutes
mentoring, coaching, example and other processes for guidance of Self and Other in action; link-theme between physical dimension and emotional dimension
Guidance, direction, and support.
Takes responsibility for the directions and actions of a team
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How the organization's senior leaders address values and performance expectations.
To advance in the more senior ranks a scout must hold a leadership position for a set period of time. The rank requirements in the Boy Scout Handbook (as revised) lists the leadership positions that qualify.
Getting things done by enabling others to do more than they could or would do otherwise. Contested concept with voluminous literature. ... more ...
getting others to follow.
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a tricky subject, at best
Being frontrunner because being pushed forward out of respect
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The office, position or function of a leader; as, Gingrich held the House leadership for six years.
The force within an institution, agency, programme or fundraising appeal that stimulates others to act or give.
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Line relationship Lot splitting
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