Definitions for "coaching"
Guidance and/or assistance provided to an individual or group around a specific area or subject.
A one-to-one relationship that aims to bring about individual learning and performance improvement, usually focusing on achieving predefined objectives within a specific time period. The role of the coach is to create a supportive environment in which to challenge and develop the critical thinking skills, ideas and behaviours of the person being coached, so that they might reach their full potential.
a method of helping an individual to develop knowledge or skills through practice, feedback and modelling appropriate behaviour.
Individual or small-group tutorials with a particular focus. These often follow a self-assessment exercise that has revealed a misunderstanding or an area of concern.
Instruction and direction provided by an experienced professional in a particular area/discipline: i.e., health, weight, business, spirituality, motivation.
Coaching can provide empowerment and support in a wide variety of ways. Whether we are seeking a change, or simply want to proceed in our lives with more focus and vigor, a good coach can make all the difference.
our term for helping volunteers become comfortable and successful with friend- and fundraising activities
the process of helping an individual model strategies of success, whether for behavioural change or business and personal goals.
a professional alliance between a new superintendent and a successful veteran superintendent
a profession of temperament and tact these days
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Books related to athletic coaching or team management. Most commonly classed in GV.
a business performance training organisation based in Glasgow, covering team building, performance enhancement and communication training for business customers throughout the UK
A one-to-one process between a manager and subordinate, whereby the former will ‘train’ the latter. See also Mentoring.
a comprehensive service that gives you all the preparation needed to succeed in applying to a chosen MBA program
The process of assisting people to improve their performance. [D02472] RMW
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the job of a professional coach.