Definitions for "Service-Learning"
Service-learning is a teaching method that integrates community service into the school curriculum.  Service-learning programs engage young people in community activities where academic skills are used to solve real-life problems.  At the same time, program activities help students understand the meaning of citizenship and their ability to help determine the quality of life in their communities.
Service-learning is a particular form of experiential education that incorporates community service as another text that can contribute and deepen classroom topics through critical reflection and dialogue. There are three general characteristics of service-learning: 1) It is based on the experience of meeting needs in the community. 2) It incorporates reflection and academic learning. 3) It contributes to students’ interest in and understanding of community life.
A learning stretegy that combines academic and social education goals to meet real community needs (priorities) and requires application of knowledge, skills, and systematic reflection about the experience.