Definitions for "Workshop"
A workshop is a series of educational and work sessions. Small groups of people meet together over a short period of time to concentrate on a defined area of concern.
Training session in which participants, often through exercises, develop skills and knowledge in a given field.
a closed session
a regular CABS event at which a speaker presents a topic and discussion ensues (or a lecture ensues, depending on the speaker). topics are broad, but always have some sort of connection with the Bahá'í Faith and/or its principles. often, such workshops stem from the work of individual members in their own field; theses and term papers are sometimes presented in workshops.
a forum on topics related to Kleene algebras
a half-day or one-day event, designed for individuals who are not familiar with the topic and need a basic, broad introduction
a brief intensive course for a small group; emphasizes problem solving
a brief intensive course for a small group, with varying forms of authority and rules of communication
a hands-on intensive percussion camp unlike any other
a place where craftsmen have the tools they need to work
a room or smaller building which contains tools and/or machinery for making or repairing things
a very useful and powerful tool with a familiar,
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a day, a book teaches for years
a half day educational opportunity that will provide an intense learning experience
a method for teaching and learning about different fields that have been developed by a team of faculty and learning specialists from varied sources of the industry
a collaborative effort of alpaca professionals with expertise in Marketing, Business and Accounting helping alpaca owners build their investment
an exploration of open issues in the field, conducted by someone who has a particular interest and expertise in the issue
an island in time where, removed from other distractions and demands, we can focus together long enough to reach and explore our deep responses to these dangers
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a creative forum in which ideas about writing can be tested and extended in relation to actual texts
a forum at which visiting speakers, Penn faculty, or Penn graduate students present research ideas that they are working on to members of the faculty and to graduate students
a place to try new techniques and ideas
a comprehensive two-day program focusing on regulatory and ethical issues pertaining to the protection of human subjects in research
a golden opportunity to bring together the BEST of your writing, speaking, and research into a complete package
a highly impressive facility that drivers are welcome to bring their families and sponsors to see
A shop where any manufacture or handiwork is carried on.
small workplace where handcrafts or manufacturing are done
a activity that can be done indoors, like cooking lessons for example
a more active way of approaching the exhibitions at the Finnish Museum of Photography
a peer assessment activity with a huge array of options
Many camellia societies hold a workshop during grafting season at which grafts are made, and talks on camellia culture given.
a facilitated meeting where a team gathers information and business requirements in support of BPR project objectives
a place where both adults and children can meet, make new friends and socialise together
an adventure, a journey of discovery, as well as a process of gaining new technical knowledge
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a voyage of self to or judged
a collective of people committed to writing, but also to the responsibility of reading and commenting upon each other's poetry
a collective process, our goal is to improve our own writing by helping everyone else improve theirs
A developmental "production" of a play, with a significant amount of rehearsal, but with less fully realized production values (e.g. set) than a full production.
an effective way of disseminating basic ergonomic information to a group of workers
a fascinating place
a place where a person can review his options for the future and make plans for reaching his goals
a place work gets done
a one-time event
a place or event for working, not for being entertained
a planned and facilitated event, usually involving between eight and twenty people, and lasting from two hours to a full day
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see Railway Village for context
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a group experience, yet it is the individual who comes away with that which they are meant to experience
a highly effective devices for utilising the specialised knowledge and the experience of the team members, and for the rapid communication and sharing of that knowledge
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a very personal thing