Definitions for "Mentor"
A wise and faithful counselor or monitor.
A guide or teacher who has reached goals that you want to reach and attained respect in your chosen field.
Someone assigned to an individual to advise, assist and support professional development.
a current faculty member who is teaching regularly in Interdisciplinary Studies
a faculty member with whom you can discuss physics, courses, careers, graduate schools, aspirations, etc
an architect licensed in any state who meets with you periodically to review your training progress and discuss your career goals
a club member with the same boat as you have, and who is willing to help you at any time
a former cosmetic procedure patient who has volunteered to be accessible via e-mail to share his or her experience with you
a good listener, a person who cares and who wants to help bring out strengths in others
A business, usually large, or other organization that has created a specialized program to advance strategic relationships with small businesses.
Mentor is a 2006 drama film directed by David Langlitz and written by William Whitehurst, exploring the relationship between a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and his protege.
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A close personal contact, usually in your industry who has a network of contacts in the investment community and can assist a person in achieving their objectives.
an extremely powerful ally in your quest for personal excellence
a person who answers questions, teaches, protects and allows new ppl to find their way
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Mentor (A'lars) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe, who first appeared in Iron Man vol. 1 #55.
an expert in the specific
a person who has attained their Professional Agrologist standing who may or may not be in the same field as the Articling Agrologist
a professional in the field - the Film Producer or Director
an individual who offers support and encouragement to someone else in a specific area of their life
an individual who provides support to the client within the work setting
A person who sponsors or supports another employee who is lower in the organization.
a challenging, questioning, knowledgeable listener who helps one make one's own decisions
a good listener and someone who
a non-judgmental listener who is there to hear of your successes as well as your fears and frustrations
a woman who has been there, who has lived it, who has loved her husband faithfully (not perfectly) and has biblical values to pass on
an incredible resource for anyone, as someone you can approach with questions on the major, life in the major, classes and professors
a resource waiting to be tapped
a someone who works one-on-one with
Someone who knows more good stuff about something than you, and is willing to share it. Bookkeepers, Brokers and other Sales Associates making a nice profit from their business fall in this category.
a wonderful thing in most any context, Masonry included
a key requirement for organizational progression
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a unique individual who has the tools, data and business knowledge to be a provider but who gets their reward by showing others the best way to get the job done
an individual that makes a choice to intentionally invest in the development of another individual
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a critical member of you team
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a good way to do that
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a woman in business who