Definitions for "Habilitation"
Teaching new skills to a person with developmental disabilities.
An educational approach used with exceptional children that is directed toward the development of the necessary skills required for successful adulthood.
The process which individuals are assisted in acquiring and maintaining skills which enable them to cope more effectively with their personal needs and circumstances of their environments, and to strive to reach their full physical, mental, and social potential.
Equipment; qualification.
(Postdoctoral qualification) - a scientific qualification process to prove the capability to teach.
Post-doctoral qualification proving ability to teach and engage in research in an academic subject (lecturing qualification). The lecturing qualification is awarded on the basis of a post-doctoral thesis (Habilitationsschrift) or equivalent academic achievement.
Activities, treatments, services and/or supports that assist the individual to effectively accomplish activities of daily living.
Programs and activities designed to help individuals maximize their independence.
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