Definitions for "Mentoring"
process in which an experienced member of an organisation, other than the line manager, coaches and advises a less experienced employee on career development.
An instructional strategy--students each select (with assistance from teachers or parents, as applicable) an adult from the local community who uses dance, drama, music, or visual arts in the workplace or in her or his life. Ideally students maintain ongoing contact with their mentors, preferably over the course of several years, using them as resource people with whom to share and discuss fine arts concepts and skills and their application in the real world.
A career development method whereby less experienced employees are matched with more experienced colleagues for guidance either through formal or informal programs.
To teach, instruct or tutor
a form of teaching that includes walking alongside the person you are teaching and inviting him or her to learn from your example.
A volunteer program where community members commit to meet regularly with youth to provide support.
Establishing a mentoring component in leadership education programs.
Activity of advising and guiding a person through some task.