Definitions for "Scaffolding"
A scaffold; a supporting framework; as, the scaffolding of the body.
The temporary wooden frame work built next to a wall to support both workers and materials. (MEDIEV-L. Medieval Terms) Related terms: Castle
A temporary framework used to support building and materials in the building, construction, or repair of large structures.
The term used by Dr. McGavran to describe mission societies in relation to the churches they start. He claimed that it was not meant to remain forever, but rather to be taken down and moved elsewhere as soon as appropriate.
Involves the caregiver adjusting the environment in order to permit participation in a communication event of which the child would not otherwise be capable. Activity structure which helps to maximize participation in conversational and writing activities.
A structural element that exists during the building (embryogeny) of a structure, but that does not exist in the final structure.
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refers to the formation of columns of fused material within a shaft kiln. It can develop into arches and prevent the burden from moving uniformly down the kiln.
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Pieces of programs whose sole purpose is to aid in testing and debugging. Scaffolding is not part of the application itself. Scaffolding may take the form of stubs, or of test functions.
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A frame of metal poles and planks used to give a stable working platform.
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We generally erect without scaffolding - it gets in the way. Scaffolding may be needed when we are fixing panels on a blank shear wall.
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a wooden thing
Materials for building scaffolds.
The materials used in constructing scaffolds.
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Scaffolding means running a scaffold script.
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a system of scaffolds