Definitions for "Learning environment"
Trainees who learn most effectively by themselves, without supervision or support, simply explore the learning environment. learning mode see learning style.
Software designed as an all-in-one solution that can facilitate online learning for an organization. It includes the functions of a learning management system for those courses within the learning environment, but it may not be able to track online courses that were not created within this particular learning environment. Most learning environments include an authoring capability for creation of additional courses for the instructor.
The complete makeup of the parts of the home or center and outdoors used for caring for children. The learning environment includes the space and how it is arranged and furnished, routines, materials and equipment, planned and unplanned activities, and the people who are present.
The physical, emotional, psychological, physiological and social factors surrounding the learning experience.
The place and setting where learning occurs; it is not limited to a physical classroom an includes the characteristics of the setting.
a physical place where students are engaged in an educational process
an atmosphere that promotes rich educational opportunities for growth
The planned or accidental range of development, experiential, and knowledge-sharing opportunities that creates in individuals and organizations new sets of capabilities.
a place where learning is fostered and supported, but not controlled or dictated
a place where people can draw upon resources to make sense out of things and construct meaningful solutions to problems
Formal or informal location where learning takes place that consists of space, equipment, resources (including supplies and materials), and safety and health requirements.
The structure of the setting that makes it possible for practitioners to guide children in their development and learning.