Definitions for "Facilitator"
The online course instructor who aids learning in the online, student-centered environment.
Individual who assists others in a learning process but does not act as a the primary source of knowledge; the facilitator acts as a guide in during individual or group learning activities.
A person who helps and encourages individuals in their learning, rather than functioning as a teacher, tutor or mentor. Facilitators are particularly important in situations where students are learning independently. Many educators prefer this mode of learning because they believe that it helps students to develop their own competence.
someone who makes progress easier.
A person who aids in acquiring and clarifying viewpoints of different participants during the modelling session with the modelling group, is responsible for structuring and documenting the results of the sessions.
Someone who works with a team to help guide the process of the team meetings.
A professional who facilitates 1031 exchange transactions. Also called a "Qualified Intermediary (QI)" or "Accommodator".
An agent who assists the parties to a potential real estate transaction in communication, interposition, and negotiation, between or among them, without being an advocate for any interest. Does not represent any of the parties to the transaction and is not allowed to assist any party in gaining an advantage over any other party in the transaction. Does not have the same Fiduciary Duties as an Exclusive Agent. Extremely limited in services he can offer to either party. Also know as Intermediary, Transaction Broker, Mediator, or Non-Agent. Caution: This form of agency offers a reduced level of service and should never be considered unless you are very knowledgeable about real estate.
a qualified intermediary that interacts between the parties in an exchange transaction
There are professionals in all courthouses that deal with family law, who can help you calculate child and spousal support and who will sometimes help you fill out the family law forms. These professionals are sometimes attorneys and sometimes paralegals depending on which county you live. The services they provide are free.
an agent that helps find and identify counterparties and puts deals together
an individual whose job is to help to manage a process of information exchange
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a generalist
A facilitator is a person identified to have the responsibility of keeping the committee clearly focused on the discussion at hand in an ordered, purposeful way so that the participants’ time together is more productive.
a host, moderator and project manager
a process consultant for self-assessment, sparring partner, conductor, supporter, work coordinator, director of consensus discussion and moderator, reporter
A person with all four Action Modes in the mid-range. Also termed Mediator.
a mediator and a negotiator, an organizational development consultant and process observer, a statistician and TQM expert, and an agent for positive change within an organization
A person, often external, supporting synergy in a company, between the people and the departments or the functions implied in a project
The O-AIM Facilitator is a person who works to enhance the capacity of the Core Team to understand and effectively apply the model to their own interests and context. A facilitator is knowledgeable about the model and is able to translate that knowledge into language, images, and tools which are appropriate and useful to those wishing to apply the model. The role of the facilitator changes over the course of the work, beginning by training and designing application exercises and gradually shifting to being an occasional consultant as the capacity of the Core Team expands. See also Core Team
a key support person to the transformative process
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a tutor in the core subjects of math, science, and English for Med-COR's high school and middle school students
a key person at an early childhood site who is committed to quality service to children and helping center staff attain effective training to reach that goal
a member of the forum staff
Professional staff member certified as a teacher. Some facilitators are assigned to a house and others have responsibilities across all houses (e.g. Curriculum, Wellness, Fine Arts).
method that is not a constructor, accessor, or mutator (a more better definition to follow)
A person who has taken responsibility to make sure that a given task is accomplished.
an agent whose capabilities (solvables) involve distributing and coordinating tasks among a number of client agents
The Facilitator software is a decision support system which uses decision rules, a hierarchical system for ranking criteria, score functions and linear programming to identify preferred management options consistent with the ranking of criteria.
a software solution that manages the entire corrective / preventive action process, providing the tools needed to establish and support an effective CAPA program
a woman or man who has been chosen and trained by the minister(s) (or in societies with no minister, by someone chosen by a small steering committee)
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File Server Firewall
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a match maker
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Negotiates and monitors but does not control.
A network user who is responsible for a particular conference.
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an agent or a go-between working to connect the adoptive family (or their agency) with a child who is available for adoption
designation for some transporters within the TC 2.A.1 and TC 2.A.4 families; not a generic term.