Definitions for "MED"
Minimal Erythema Dose. The skin's reaction to sun exposure varies according to the individual. Each skin type is able to accept a specific amount of UV rays before burning. The amount of time an individual can stay in the sun before burning reflects the minimal erythema dose (MED). The MED and expected sun exposure, in turn, determines the proper SPF for a skin type. For example, if you burn in 20 minutes without sunscreen, an SPF of 15 allows you to stay in the sun 15 times longer (20 mins. X 15 = 300 minutes or 5 hours).
Minimal erythemal dose, a measurement of UV dose. Erythema is the reddening of the skin due to capillary congestion. Sunburn is among the most common forms of erythema.
Minimum erythemal dose
Marine Equipment Directive applied to lifejackets for use on Solas class commerical vessels.
Marine Equipment Directive. European approval for equipment that conforms to IMO/SOLAS requirements.
Marine Emergency Duties
Music Editor or OctaMED module, can be 64 channel with full panning.
WP Macro Editor Delete Save or OctaMED Tracker Module
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Meditate ; usually refers to mana regen.
To meditate. Med means to recover lost hit points and mana by resting in the game. Example: "After fighting that red con monster I need to med."
Resting to get your mana back.
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Mediterranean Gull ( Larus melanocephalus).
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Multiple Effect Distillation. A form of distillation. Evaporators are in series, and vapor from one effect is used to evaporate water in the next lower pressure effect. This technology is in several forms, one of the most common of which is the Vertical Tube Evaporator (VTE).
(also known as Inter-AS_Metric) Multi-Exit Discriminator: attribute passed to neighbor routers defining the preferred path among multiple entry paths into an AS. A lower MED has precedence over a higher MED.
Multiple exit discriminator. An optional BGP path attribute consisting of a metric value that is used to determine the exit point to a destination when all other factors in determining the exit point are equal.
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diminutive of Meditate
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Manhattan Engineer District, also popularly known as the Manhattan Project (established in 1942 within the U.S. Army to build the atomic bomb; functions transferred to AEC and AFSWP in 1947)
MED is the assessment tool used by Maine's Bureau of Elder and Adult Services (BEAS) to assess a person's eligibility for nursing facility services.
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Mid-Continent Ecology Division
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manipulative electronic deception
a master's degree in education
Master of Education (academic)
Ministry of Economic Development.
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The Mediterranean Sea.
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Mental or Emotional Disability (or Disorder).
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Medically Complex
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School of Medicine
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Mediterranean ( MED) countries
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Medical/health related.
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Medium base
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see Medicine
medical or medium