Definitions for "arbitration"
A process in which a disagreement between two or more parties is resolved by...
The hearing and determination of a cause between parties in controversy, by a person or persons chosen by the parties.
A non-court procedure for resolving disputes using one or more neutral third parties.
Formal process by which the WGA determines writer's credits when they are under contention. The arbitration board consists entirely of writers.
It is now thought of as slow, complex, expensive rough justice. We can make it work for you. Arbitration can take several years but otherwise it has similarities with adjudication. Normally you can recover lawyers fees.
Binding adjudication by members of a Writers Guild of America committee regarding proper onscreen writer credit of a movie; arbitration is available only to WGA members or potential WGA members.
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The set of rules used to manage competing demands for a computer resource, such as memory or peripheral devices, made by multiple processes or users.
the process of selecting one respondent from a collection of several candidates that request service concurrently
The process followed by the Card Associations to determine whether an Issuer or an Acquirer has ultimate responsibility for a chargeback. Either member initiates this process after the re-presentment process is completed.
exemplary damages reformation
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(see "Grievance Arbitration")
The act of negotiating a debt to a lesser rate of interest or balance to achieve a settlement and closure of an account.
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legal adviser
The person at the sponsoring organization who handles administrative matters in arbitration proceedings.
A service provided by the auctions to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers to insure the transaction has been properly represented.
The act of determining which command, device, or communication protocol controls the operating environment.