Definitions for "ADR"
American Depositary Receipt. A negotiable certificate issued by a U.S. bank...
American Depositary Receipt. A U.S. security that is a repackaged foreign security. A U.S. bank creates an ADR based on evidence of ownership of a specified number of shares in the foreign security, while the underlying shares are held in a depositary in the issuing company's home country. U.S. investors may buy shares in the foreign company in the form of an ADR. The certificate, transfer, and settlement practices for ADRs are identical to those for U.S. securities.
American Depository Receipts. A certificate issued in the United States in lieu of a foreign security. The original securities are lodged in Bank/Custodian abroad, and the American depository receipts (ADRs) are traded in the US for all intents and purposes as if they were a domestic stock. An ADR dividend is paid in US dollars, so it provides a way for American investors to buy foreign securities without having to go abroad, and without having to switch in and out of foreign currencies.
Alternative Destination Routing. A billable feature used to route calls.
Alternative Dispute Resolution. Sometimes called Appropriate Dispute Resolution. This is a generic term referring to all methods of conflict resolution other than court, or some would say, arbitration.
Automated Dialogue Replacement. Technique where unusable location dialog in a film / TV show is replaced in the studio by ‘looping’ the video and having the actor(s) read to picture.
UN Convention- Carriage of Dangerous goods between contracting Member States/Countries.
Articles Dangereux de Route
European regulations for road transport of hazardous goods.
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Average daily rate. Total net revenue (= total net revenue including service charge and net of rebates/wholesalers commission and for time properties only, net of maintenance fee) divided by total room nights of occupied rooms (= the amount of nights the rooms were occupied by guests, whether paid or complementary).
refers to the average daily room rate. This figure is a hotel revenue measurement and is calculated by dividing the gross room revenue by the number of occupied room nights sold during a specified time.
Average Deferral Ratio
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ADSR Aerophone
Assistant Dean Research
see 'Associate Dean (Research)'.
adsorption desorption recovery
If there is a problem with the sound, an unexpected breeze, somebody drops something, or the mic just didn't pick up the sound as desired, the actor is called in to redo his or her lines. It is recorded as close to what is on film as possible, such as if it was in an empty room, or in a car, provisions must be made to capture the line as you would hear it in its environment.
Australian Design Rules; it is -- important to check ADR's if carrying out vehicle modifications.
Australian Design Rules. See Department of Transport and Regional Services
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Advance EMI Allotment
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Astra Digital Radio
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air defense reticle
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Adverse drug reactions
Adverse Drug Report
Adverse Drug Reaction
An electronic component. It is the name for the data recorder that has to be installed in the cars. The black box is intended to provide information on possible causes in case of an accident, and it thus supports ongoing efforts to improve safety. It must be accessible at all times.
Accident Data Recorder
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The process of replacing film dialog by over-dubbing new vocals that are recorded during post-production.
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Annualized Default Rate. Similar to MDR (Monthly Default Rate), except that it expresses the default percentage as an annual rate.
A complication caused by use of a drug in the usual (i.e. correct) manner and dosage.
Asset Depreciation Range. See DEPRECIATION.
Asset Depreciation Range. Used to determine class lives for property and equipment, this is a range of depreciable lives allowed by the IRS for a particular asset.
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Air Defence Region
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Automated Desk Review
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Acceptance Letter Accrual Basis
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ADS affiliated person
Activity Distribution Report. Effort reporting and certification form required for compliance with federal regulation.
Accreditation and Development of Medical Records
Automatic Driver Recognition system
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adrenal gland
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Absolute risk difference
Acronym for architectural design review.
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Additional Detail Reference.
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