Definitions for "adsorption"
the process by which molecules of a substance form a thin film on the surface of a solid. Distinguished from absorption, in which the foreign substance penetrates the body of the absorbing material.
A process in lithography by which a plate or stone gathers and holds a liquid in one or more molecular layers.
(4) process by which atoms, molecules or ions are retained on the surfaces of solids by chemical or physical binding. Not to be confused with absorption, which is the uptake of a gas by a solid or liquid, or a liquid by a solid.
The increase in quantity, or accumulation of a component at an interface or in an interfacial layer.
Enrichment (positive adsorption, or briefly adsorption) of one or more components in an interfacial layer. Gold, Loening, McNaught and Sehmi, 1987
Hepatitis Plasmapheresis
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Adsorptive filtration Advection
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Storage products. When a hard disk drive is left unused for a long period of time, the head may stick to the disk so the spindle motor does not start. This state is called adsorption. Adsorption is likely to occur when the HDD is exposed to humidity in excess of the limit specified in the device specifications for a long time.
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the process by which contaminants react with activated carbon and are removed from water
the attachment of soluble material to soil.
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part of a method for gold extraction in a processing plant