Definitions for "Removed"
Distant in location; remote.
Distant by degrees in relationship; as, a cousin once removed.
In the field of Genealogy, the term "REMOVED" refers to the relationship (cousins) between two people when the count of generations between each of the people and their common ancentor is not the same.
a pamphlet, bd. with others, now freed
Refers to a pamphlet that was once bound into a volume with other pamphlets, but has since been disbound. (see also, Sammel Band and Disbound)
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Dismissed from office.
The status or state of a kinetic account that is not functional. Account holders of removed accounts cannot login to kinetic Manager, use FTP for web publishing, nor use modem pools (if applicable). Unlike disabled accounts, removed accounts do not continue to receive e-mail. Despite being unusable in this state, removed accounts still exist and they may be restored to full functionality.
taken out of or separated from; "possibility is...achievability, abstracted from achievement"- A.N.Whitehead
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moved; left
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Changed in place.