Definitions for "Restored"
This is a very important word. To restore a doll does not mean that you can't wash the doll or restring a composition body. Restoring is when you perform repairs, such as painting and adding on previously missing parts.
This item was damaged in some way: broken or chipped, and has been returned to its original, undamaged appearance by the use of fillers, paints, and a non-fired glaze. Any restoration work must be disclosed to the buyer before purchase, since restored items require special care. Restoration is expensive, and can return a piece to much closer to its original value than it was while it was broken, but it is up to the individual collector to decide on its desirability.
A memorabilia item whose condition has been improved in order to better reflect the original.
When a window is neither maximized or minimized and is still visible on your desktop it is restored.