Definitions for "DISMISSED"
A borrower’s bankruptcy petition is dismissed when the court declares it null and void.
A Judges' decision that one hound has interfered with another causing the second hound to waver from course or to be intimidated either aggressively or playfully. Growling and/or barking alone do not constitute grounds for dismissal.
When a consumer files a bankruptcy, the judge may decide to not allow the consumer to continue with the bankruptcy. If the judge rules against the petition, the bankruptcy is known as dismissed.
Dismissed is a reality television show on MTV that premiered in 2001. On each episode, three people go on a date, one will be dismissed. The daters each choose a place to go (total of 2 places) and the person who's running the date dismisses the person he/she doesn't like.
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Application was dismissed by the FCC.
The court can dismiss the charges (the person was not actually found to be "not guilty.")
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having lost your job